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Smallville! (and other shows)
Smallville tonight! Yay!

I know people have been down on the show lately, but you know what- I don't care. I'll watch this show until the very last episode, I'll root for Clark and hate Lex and despise Lana, and I'll keep doing it until the bitter end, no matter how bitter.

As for the other shows I've seen so far- I liked Chuck, I liked Reaper, I even like the Bionic Woman remake that was on last night. And I enjoyed Heroes, Bones and House, as usual. I'm going to checkout the new vampire show Moonlight, even though it seems like a total ripoff of Angel, and Aliens in America seems pretty funny, too.

One show I didn't like at all was Gossip Girl. 
The characters pretty much disgusted me.  When one of the main character's biggest hobby seems to be date rape, I pretty much conclude that this is not a show for me.

I wish Supernatural was starting tonight, but no, we get a repeat of Reaper instead.  I need my Jensen and Jared fix.  I have to admit, I have some reservations about the major new plotlines, but I'm going to be optimistic.  After all, I was furious with Joss Whedon when I read that Faith would be joining  Buffy in season 3, but I got over it.  Maybe SPN will play out in a similar fashion.

In conclusion, new Smallville tonight!  Tommy returns!  (and also that Mike guy, for people who like that sort of thing.)

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Yay! for Smallville love.

I understand about Gossip Girl because sometimes a show just hits you wrong. Last season there was a show that a good portion of people on my flist loved. I disliked it intensely because I felt that it was hateful toward women.

ALways yay! for Smallville!

Besides the whole "date rape as a hobby" thing, I think maybe I'm just outgrowing the teenage soap genre. Which is kind of sad to me, really. I've spent many, many hours enjoying teenage soaps, from Beverly Hills 90210 all the way through The OC.

Which show last year did you dislike, if you don't mind me asking?

Kitchen Confidential. All I watched was the first episode, so maybe the portrayal of women improved, but I didn't care to find out.

Was that the reality show with Gordon Ramsey, or the sitcom with the guy from Alias?

It was a sitcom. I watched the first episode because Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy) was in it.

Yeah, I remember it. Brad Cooper from Alias was a celebrity chef/bad boy a la Anthony Bourdain. I didn't watch it, either. It was on opposite Alyson Hannigan's show. I guess I chose Willow over Xander- correctly, as it turns out.

Ack! I got a scummy feeling when reading a short profile of Gossip Girl, it really turned me off wanting to see it. Glad I missed it. It actually sounded kinda misogynistic, the same way the Bratz dolls are.

Thanks for letting me know Reaper was repeating: I suspected they'd repeat it eventually but didn't realize it was on tonight! I missed it because I wanted to see the 90 minute season opener of Boston Legal.

A lot of shows are repeating these days as the networks cast their nets far & wide. NBC shows can be seen on USA and SciFi, as well as online, for instance.

It's like the networks want to make sure you get the chance to see their new shows. I don't terribly mind it or anything, I just really want Supernatural to start already!

Gossip Girl just disgusted me. I think I've outgrown the shows about teenagers who have lots of sex and are always drinking and have no parental supervision at all. I just don't enjoy another show about unrealistic, completely shallow teenagers. I suppose this is a sign of my maturity.

OHGODNOES!!! Not the dreaded Maturity!

As I bound towards the mid-century mark, I keep wondering why I'm not an adult yet.

I'm bounding towards the three and a half decades mark in two days, so I suppose I'm feeling more mature. (But I'll probably still watch One Tree Hill when it comes back midseason, so I guess I'm still a little young at heart.)

(Deleted comment)
The young girl who went to party in a way too old for her dress was the only likable character, I thought. And really, that wasn't enough to keep me tuned in.

I liked Chuck, I liked Reaper. And I enjoyed Heroes, Bones and House, as usual. I'm going to checkout the new vampire show Moonlight, even though it seems like a total ripoff of Angel
*big nod* to all of that!

I hated Gossip Girl too.
Why is there so much talk about it? It's not even good! It's like washed down OTH/OC!

The characters pretty much disgusted me. When one of the main character's biggest hobby seems to be date rape, I pretty much conclude that this is not a show for me.
I know!! And why do people like this guy?! I see tons of shippers on my flist and lots of icons with that guy, and just - what? Is it because they think actor is hot?

Happy Smallville Day!

I guess sometimes sleazy can be hot, but I'm not seeing it here. You know what they say, though- there's nothing hotter than a pothead alcoholic date rapist!

I don't get people sometimes. Lex is a villain, and while he's not my cup of tea, I can sort of see why some people like him. He may be building an army of super-soldiers, but he's not committing sexual assault.

On Gossip Girl, or at least in the books, Chuck is an asshole and no one likes him, but they put up with him because he's a part of "their crowd". And he's kind of overcompensating cause his sexuality is questionable in the books.

Anyway, I'm mostly watching it because I love Dan and Jenny.

I thought Dan and Jenny were the least hateful characters, but to be honest, if that's the best thing I can say about them, the show probably isn't for me.

Yeah, I could see Chuck's actions as overcompensating for sexual confusion, but I just don't want to watch it. He's so sleazy, and not in appealing way.

I concur on Chuck and Reaper, as well as Heroes and House. I've never watched Bones, but I've been pondering trying to work it into the tv schedule this year. I'm on the fence with Bionic Woman, but we'll see on that one.

Gossip Girl totally hit me the wrong way. I tried two episodes and I cannot watch that show anymore. I don't really find any of them all that interesting and that one dude is just extremely off-putting in a slimy way of badness.

Smallville tonight! Yay!

You should definitely try and fit Bones into your schedule. Admittedly I only started watching because of David Boreanaz, and also because I loved the books, and I was kind of put off at first because the show really didn't follow along with the books. But then, my the middle of the first season, the show really picked up steam for me. By the second season, I was hooked. It has an incredible ensemble cast, though of course David is still my favorite.

Bionic Woman wasn't fabulous, but I'm going to give it a try. Gossip Girl was a total yuck, though.

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