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Mom's Unveiling

It was not the horrible event I was dreading, not at all.  Everything went very smoothly, and it was truly a beautiful ceremony.  RAbbi Block made a wonderful speech, as did my Uncle Hal, who said that he thinks my mother is smiling down from Heaven, because she knows he's looking after his two beautiful nieces (aka me and my sister).  Our family friend Neil told a story about Mom teaching him to say the word "croissant", that was both funny and sweet.  

The stone itself was very beautiful.  Her name, the dates, and Hebrew writing saying she was beloved by all and now resides in the light.  We were 21 people total, 17 of us went out to lunch afterwards at a diner near my uncle's house.  The only ones who didn't go lunch were my oldest uncle and his wife (Dad's brother and sister-in-law), which was understandable.  They live far out on Long Island, and they wanted to get home before the rain and possibly snow started.  Plus, my uncle is 75, and he'd been standing out in the freezing cold for an hour!  Our friend Neil and his wife didn't come either, for sadder reasons.  Their son, who died of a drug overdose this summer (I mentioned it in my LJ), was buried the next cemetery over, and they wanted to go to his grave.  I think the unveiling was particulary difficult for them, knowing they'll be hosting one soon, too.

The luncheon was nice, good conversation, everyone laughing.  My father paid, 200 bucks with tip, which was pretty reasonable for 17 people, and the food was quite good.  We got a little lost coming home, but only minorly, and we were home by 4PM.  The only sour note was that no one, not a single person, from Mom's school, which had also been Dad's school for a while, came.  These were people they had been friends with for well over 25 years, gone to all of the weddings and bar mitzvahs and sweet sixteens, and not a single one of them showed.  That was really quite disappointing.

Othe than that one thing, it was actually a nice day, although cold as hell.  And as we were leaving, my uncle gave me a Chanukah present- a fifty dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble.  That was a really nice surprise.  He also gave my sister a gift, a cashmere sweater. 

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I'm glad it went as well as it could. *hugs*

I'm so glad that the day turned out to be an uplifting one. It sounds like a nice ceremony. *hug*

It really was, Roxy. *Hugs*


I know you were half-dreading this day, and so I'm glad most of the memories you'll take away with you will be positive ones. It's a shame about the people from the school, but family was there, and that's the most important thing.

I was truly surprised by how pleasant it was. I guess I was expecting depression and tears, and while my eyes certainly welled up a little at the service, the good parts of the day certainly outweighed the bad. Before they left, my uncle and aunt invited us to a holiday party on the 23rd, and that was nice, too.

I'm so glad the day went okay for you and your family. I love the "she is in the light" engraving...very beautiful. God bless all of you for what you went through...may you all be in peace now.

Thank you, sweetie. I'm sure she's in a better place now.

I'm happy to hear it went well, Andi!

I was surprised at how well. I was sure it was going to be terribly depressing and grim, and while it was sad, it also seemed a little like a celebration of Mom's life, and how much we loved her. Maybe this means the worst of the grief is passing. It's still there, of course, and probably always will be, but maybe it's finally lessening.

Sounds like it was a beautiful ceremony *hugs*

It really was, thank goodness. *hugs back*

I know you weren't certain what to expect out of the day, but I'm glad to hear it was okay, after all. And, it's a good thing that her stone turned out to be as elegant (if that's the right word? trying to find a good one) as you described it.

I have to admit, I was absolutely dreading the day, expecting the worst, and how it turned out was really a pleasant surprise.

I think elegant is a good word. It's better than "nice", which is what we've been using. It's really not easy to describe a headstone, is it?

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