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Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to an amazing LJ friend, ana_grrl . Ana, you're such a wonderful friend, always there with kind things to say. And I have to admit, you're my all time favorite Firefly/Serenity fanfic author. It's been such a pleasure to know you and read your stories over the past few years. (And anyone who hasn't read Pieces Tossed Aside has missed the single best FF story ever!)

May you have the best birthday ever, filled with family, friends, love, great Mal/Jayne slash, and wonderful gifts!

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Oooh, thanks! You're making blush (again! *g*). Thanks for the wishes - I'm not doing much tonight, but I have exciting fun plans for tomorrow!

I meant every word, sweetie. I know of no other writer who can write FF like you!

Have fun tomorrow!

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