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Bad News
Got a whole bunch of bad news from my sister today.  First of all, her unofficial mother-in-law (her live in boyfriend's mother) was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  They've already performed a complete hysterectomy, but it will be a little while before they decide if she needs chemo or radiation.  They caught it at stage 2, so the doctors are hopeful she'll make a full recovery.  The boyfriend's sister is down in FLorida now, and my sister and her bf will head down for a long weekend, perhaps Thursday through Sunday.

Sis is also upset because her boyfriend told her to get rid of her cat.  Theye've had her over a year now, a pretty, sweet  female named Storm.  My sister is trying to find someone who wants to adopt her, but she's very upset, and I'm furious.  He has a list of reasons why he doesn't like the cat- she sheds, she won't play with him, etc.  I think she should tell him to shove it up his ass.  The cat was a stray they found in the backyard at his old apartment, before they moved in together.  If he didn't want to keep her, he shouldn't have taken her in in the first place.  I can't believe he's putting my sister through this, and even worse, I can't believe she's going along with it.  She said he's dropped the complaining, but he still wants her gone.  He has the spare bedroom filled with tanks of turtles and lizards and live bugs to feed the.  If he can have those, my sister should be able to have her damn cat.  She already gave up the cat she was a mother to for almost fifteen years, who is now living with us.  She deserves to have her pet. 

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She really should be able to keep her cat. That's wrong.

I agree. I'm just hoping that things will work out.

Oh, I'm so sorry for all the bad stuff, Andi.


Thanks, Ash. You're such a great friend. *Huge hugs*

Wow, yeah, she needs to tell her boyfriend to go screw himself.

Hoping the best for her mother-in-law.

Thank you, Suz. My thoughts exactly.

Is that a Luke icon? I think so.

It certainly is. Van is my new obsession :D

He's been my obsession for a while now, too. I used to watch ATWT 20 years ago. Back then Lily and Holden were my favorite couple, and now I'm watching a storyline about their grown son. Time sure flies.

I've been able to watch an amazing amount of ATWT thanks to the wonder of YouTube, but I still wish it aired here!

I'm just so disappointed with the way things have been going so far, though. No kissing at all, and now this Iraqi chick. I'm not pleased.

I have to say, I was getting anxious, but the last ep they were in really made me feel better about things. They were so cute in the car, and worried about each other in the hospital. I can totally see where the plotline with Ameera is going, but I actually have faith in what'll happen when it ends.

The thing about American soaps is that it can literally take YEARS to get there. Back in the eighties, every little milestone took a long, long time. First kiss, first time to say I love you, first time making love- you were looking at a five year process, give or take. Most soaps have dropped that, but I guess they're giving Luke and Noah the old school treatment.

If my BF asked me to get rid of my cat I... might get rid of my BF. Seriously, your sister shouldn't have to make that decision.

I'm sorry about her mother-in-law. I hope she makes a full recovery.


Exactly how I feel, Carol. She pays half the rent and bills, she should be allowed to keep her darn cat!

Thank you, sweetie.

Oh my. I definitely hope that your sister's almost mother-in-law recovers!

Also, yes, your sister should definitely keep her cat!!

Thank you, Marie. I'm hoping for positive results on both fronts.

I'm sorry to hear about the bf's mother, and hope things will be all right on that front. As for the boyfriend himself, though, he's a real piece of work. Your sister should stand her ground and refuse to let Storm go. Let her tell him that as long as she's paying her share of the expenses for the apartment, she has a say in things, and she'll consider finding Storm a new home when he gets rid of his menagerie. Honestly, Andi! If she lets him walk over her about this, then what's next?

Edited at 2008-03-03 04:00 pm (UTC)

The last time he got all petulant over the cat, he took off on his motorcycle and had an accident that almost left him permanently crippled! He's a big baby in a lot of ways.

Sis and her BF took Dad and I to dinner last night, and it was a very pleasant evening. His mom is doing really well, and he seems to have loosened up about the cat. I don't know what will happen next, though. I really hope my sister stands her ground.

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