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So, I thought I'd share some thoughts about tonight's Smallville.

I think this episode should be subtitled "The Deification of Lionel Luthor".  For God's sake, the man murdered his own parents.  He is not a hero.  That being said, I don't think that gives Lex the right to push him off the roof.

I've read a few reviews were people are a)raving about Michael Rosenbaum's performance and b)seriously dissing Clark.  My thinking is that a)MIchael was fine.  No better or worse than he's been any other time this year.  That final dialogue free scene was very good, very expressive.  As for b, I don't think Clark was an ass at all.  He had every right to be furious at Lionel, but I could understand his sorrow, a little.  Lionel, insanity and all, was his father figure for the past couple of years.  When someone we're close to dies we do feel a sense of regret, even if our relationship with that person is less than pleasant. 

Okay, and big Lex thrusting little Lex into the fire, come on now!  I can appreciate the symbolism of Lex letting go of his last shred of goodness, but didn't he do that already?  He's already kidnapped, tortured and murdered.  I think good Lex flew the coop a long time ago.

I'm still not too interested in the Jimmy/Lois pairing.  I guess it's kind of a look at the future, when they're partners in crime at the Daily Planet.  I don't think they're quite there yet, though. 

In other Smallville, yet non spoilerly stuff, some things amused me today.  First, I got the new Vogue this morning.  Tom looked absolutely gorgeous, but really, did we need so many damn pics of the model?  Who cares about her, we want Tommy!  Also, Erica Durance was a clue on Jeopardy tonight.  So cool.

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Okay, and big Lex thrusting little Lex into the fire, come on now!

Not to mention the Freudian implications. 8-O

I keep thinking if this was the product of an Al/Miles reign, we really don't have too much to worry about once they leave.

All I got to say is if they kill Chloe in the finale they are getting hate mail from me. heh.

It all depends on whether or not Allison Mack re-signs for next year.

did we need so many damn pics of the model? Who cares about her, we want Tommy!
No, you don't understand! She's the body we glue our own faces on top of!! Silly!

*pets the pic of Tommy's glorious hand at the side her heaving bosom*

Of course! I can't believe I didn't think of that! And my goodness, I've never looked better, that's for sure!

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