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So, who knew cats could get epilepsy?
Cats and Dogs both, apparently, but I had no idea at all.  Last night, my 12 year old cat Clyde (big, fat, orange, very furry), suddenly had a seizure.  I had just stepped into the bathroom when I heard my father calling me, "Andrea, Clyde is having a seizure"!  I rushed into the bedroom and sure enough, he was.  Dad said he suddenly stood very still on the bed, rolled his eyes, then leaped down on the floor and collapsed onto his side.  His back paws started shaking furiously, his front paws more slowly, and his eyes looked very strange.  After a minute he got up, stumbled for a few seconds, and then went back to normal.

We called the vet right away, and he said it sounded like epilepsy.  He's treated a number of cats and dogs with the disease.  We brought Clyde in first thing this morning, and he took some blood and examined him.  We just got the bloodwork back, and it's all normal.  So it's most likely epilepsy, and he'll have to take two small doses of phenobarbital a day. It'll probably make him sleepy until he gets used to it, but it should prevent further seizures.

I'll tell you, I was terrified.  I'm calmer now, but I'm still worried.  CLyde is such a big baby, so fat and sweet and horribly skittish, and I'm still so worried about him.

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Our orange tabby, Basky, has mild seizures too. The vet recommended the same treatment and now he's been seizure free for months. His only problem right now is allergy related and I think the ear drops we got him will soon take care of that. I know how you worry - Basky is 13 and the first time he fell off the edge of the bathtub onto the floor mat and lay there twitching I was so scared I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

I hope Clyde does as well as Basky. I had no idea this was such a common problem with pets!

Thank you for your comments, Nansi. I felt a lot better after reading this.

I'm sorry you got such a scare! I worry so much about my own pets! I hope Clyde gets better and he doesn't have another seizure ever!

So do I! I was so terrified! The vet said he could get another seizure in two years, or two weeks. Hopefully the medication will keep things calm.

Oh, sweetie! *hugs* to you and Clyde. Hope all goes well with him.

I love your icon! Did you make it? It's so pretty.

He seems to be doing well, thank goodness. We'll start him on the pills tomorrow.

The icon is by the wonderful specialagentldy. She made a couple of flower icons especially for me!

*stares* I never heard of epilepsy in dogs or cats! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the phenobarbital will keep things under control. *hugs*

Thank you, sweetie. It was a surprise to me, too. I've had both a dog anda cat with diabetes, but epilepsy is new to me.

Hope it helps! My dog developed mild epilepsy about a year ago; not bad enough that he needs to be on medication yet, thankfully, but it's definitely scary to see him not in total control of himself.

*hugs you and pets Clyde*

Thank you for responding, sweetie. I'm sorry to hear your dog is suffering, but I'm relieved to know my poor CLyde isn't the only one.

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