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TV's back!

I hate packing.  HATE IT.  I know that has nothing to do with TV, but it needed saying.

This time last year, I posted about how much I hated Gossip Girl.  And then I actually started watching it, several months later.  Once Chuck gave up attempting to date rape 14 year olds, I found it a much more palatable show.  And this week's ep, best ever!  All I have to say is...Nate Archibald, MANWHORE!  OMG, best storyline ever!  I'd love it more if it was a guy he was screwing to save his family though.  I don't think women as beautiful as Madchen Amick would have to pay any teenage boy to sleep with her, but a man in his late 30s so might!  Or, they could even have the same scenario, but with Chuck in Catherine's place.  I read a couple of Smallville fics over the year, where Lex sort of blackmails Clark into sleeping with him to help save the family farm.  That could so work on this show!

Normally I'm loving One Tree Hill, but this season, so far, has been pretty boring.  I did get a kick out of 90210, though.  I didn't like the original Beverly Hills 90210 until well into the first season.  It took a little while to settle in, I thought, didn't start getting addictive until they hooked up Brenda and Dylan, who were pretty much my het OTP for a couple of years.  So I'm giving this show a chance.

Today, I went out and bought Season 7 of Smallville.  I know people are complaining about the show's quality, and rightly so in some places, but I actually thought season 7 was pretty good.  I'm looking forward to watching the deleted scenes and the extras.  I'm feeling hopeful this year, at least based on the preview picks- Tommy has never been hotter!  I know a lot of people are upset about Michael leaving, and they do have my sympathy, but truth be told, I've never watched the show for him, or Lex.  I'm a Tom/Clark girl all the way, and as long as he's on the show, I'll be watching.

So that's my TV roundup for now.  I'm going to give Fringe a try, I think.  I'm not a JJ abrams fan, not like I'm a Whedon fan, but the topic intrigues me.

Also, I HATE PACKING!  Have I mentioned that already?

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Agreed; once Chuck settled down a wee bit (as in staying away from the molesting of young girls) he got so much cooler. I adore him. I think he's up there with Blair and Jenny as one of my favorite characters of the show. I would have said Dan, before this season.

I don't mind Dan. I hear he and Chuck are going to become buddies this year, they even end up in jail together. I dislike Blair intensely. I know I'm supposed to admire her pluck and determination, but I just think she's a bitch, and an unappealing one at that. I'm shallow enough to admit that my favorite character to watch is Nate- he's just so pretty!

I'm just not liking this new vibe that Dan has going on. I loved him in S1 because he wasn't like anyone else on the show, y'know, he was different, aloof from the "in-crowd." To me, that was part of his appeal, plus while Chuck and Nate and all are interesting in their own way, Dan seemed like he was the quintessential good guy. Now it's like they're trying to make him seem like a player. Which I hate.

Nate is very pretty. :D *wriggles eyebrows*

At first I thought Blair was a complete bitch, and she is, but I like that she has some layers to her. Serena is sort of boring me now.

I actually didn't mind Dan fooling around with different girls at the beginning. he's been the long suffering boyfriend for so long, why not get out and have a little fun. I imagine it's supposed to be true love with he and Serena, but who can say. I never read the books, but I've heard that in them he's bi, as is Chuck. Who also has a pet monkey.

Well, to me it was just kinda like, he did a complete turn-around. If he'd had a new girlfriend, that would have been okay with me, but I was kinda befuddled when it seemed like he'd spent the summer hooking up with as many girls as possible. that just seems out of character for Dan. But, this is why there are those writing the show, instead of me. heh

Chuck has a pet monkey in the books?! LOL. Okaaaay.

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