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It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm an absolutely terrible LJ friend.  TERRIBLE!  I'm barely posting, I've missed all of the September birthdays of my LJ friends, and I'm so sorry, ladies.  Carol, Kate, Amara, LaT- I apologize to you all.    I wish you all the best of birthdays, filled with family, friends, love and amazing gifts!

I've been so damn busy with the move, unfortunately.   The moving truck is coming a week from today, but early in the morning.  It feels like I've been packing forever, and it still seems like there's so much more to do.  (And there is!)  And then a week from tomorrow morning- early, as in 4AM, we'll hit the road.  My sister's work friend Kelly will be making the drive with us.  We'll stay over one night, a Wednesday, in Florence, South Carolina, the midpoint between here and there.  We've stayed there before on our road trips to Florida.  I've never actually seen the town though, just the main drag with the motels and restaurants right off of I95.

We'll arrive on Thursday, but there will be no viewing of Smallville and Supernatural for me.  The cable will be turned on the following day, between 10AM and noon.  Fortunately the CW seems to be reairing Smallville on Sundays at 5, but not SPN.  And this is the SPN episode I really want to see!  (If you follow the spoilers, you know what I mean!)

In a side note, I liked last week's Smallville and SPN, think both shows got off to a good start.  Tom Welling has never looked more beautiful, has he?  Yowza!

Let's see, what else to talk about?  My father came home from Florida with a cold, and I have it now.  I miss breathing.  And hearing.  And I could do without the really chapped lips.  But at leas the horrible period with the migraine and the cramps is gone, so I won't have that for the trip.

Also, we went to the cemetery today, to pay our last respects to Mom before we move, and the finally did the planting.  So now she has a bush.  It needs a little manicuring, but it's there.

Finally, I'm still offering up my new address to anyone who wants it.  Just e-mail me at and I'll happily e-mail it back to you.  Assuming you want my new address, of course.  *Winks coyly at you*

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I got your card today. Thank you so much!! It was very awesome of you.

You're very welcome, sweetie. You did something so kind for me, and I wanted to return the favor. *Hugs*

Try to get some rest! I hope you get better long before you have to travel. *Hugs*

Thank you, sweetie. We did a ton of stuff today. I'm so exhausted, but I'm hoping everything will camn down soon. Probably not too soon- once we actually get to Florida, there's still a ton of stuff we'll have to do. Sigh.

Godspeed! Much excitement, hope you love your new home and new state!

Thank you, sweetie. I hope things go well there, I have to admit I'm a little nervous about this.

You were right about Stewie, incidentally. The constant packing, removing the furniture he sleeps on, that probably all lead to his peeing outside the litterbox, according to the vet. He's stopped that, though he still poops wherever the hell he wants.

My alter-ego, The Cat Lady (she wears a cape, but it's covered with cat hair), is pleased... not that Stewie is being a bad kitty, but that she pegged the problem. On the up side, he should calm down when your life calms down. I also think giving him an anti-anxiety pill will help.

It couldn't hurt. But Max is on anti-depressants to help with his OCD, which it hasn't, he's picked himself bald and I don't know that my father wants to try with Stewie.

Mulder picked himself bald, too, and we spent way too much money on a cat dermatologist who determined that he was allergic to dust mites. Really really allergic to dust mites (our GP vet thought it was fleas, which is the most common cat allergy.) Apparently nobody on the cutting edge of vet medicine (we have Tufts vet school nearby) thinks cats pick themselves bald for psychological reasons anymore (so said our expensive dermatologist), they've determined it's allergies all the way. We have Mulder on one steroid pill a day and at least once a week I make raw-chicken catfood for him from a recipe, and he's come back from the edge of looking like death!cat since then.

When you get to Florida and get another vet, maybe he or she will know what to do to help you guys out with your kitty's allergies.

Thanks for the info, sweetie. I'll relay it to Dad and our new vet.

I miss breathing. And hearing.

Gosh, Andi! Two things I take for granted all the time. *carefully hugs you* This is the last thing you guys need right now. I'm sure the stress has something to do with your immune systems being low, too.

I can't believe the move is almost here! Time has flown, hasn't it? I'm excited for you, but scared, too. Such a huge change, and you're like me--we like the familiar and the known. I know it was tough to say goodbye to Mom, and though you and your sister disagree on a lot of things, I know you'll miss her as well. I think she'll miss you guys more than she realizes. I'm praying for a safe trip for you, and please let us know as soon as you get back online that you made it safely and you're alright. *another big hug because it's a crazy time for you*

And yes--Tom is looking better than ever!

With all of our medical problems and medications, Dad and I both have compromised immune systems. And you're right, too- the stress isn't helping any. I'm just so ragged and run down, and so is Dad.

I'm sure my sister will miss Dad more than she can imagine. Despite her claims to the contrary, she relies on him so much. For money, and for more personal things. I keep wondering how she can be so gung ho about the move, knowing how much she relies on him.

I just want this all to be over with. Once we're down there and settled (and have cable and internet and working AC), I'll be much calmer. I hope we can get you down there for a visit one day.

Go Tommy!

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