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Family Stuff and Birthday Wishes
So, my sister is now in town. Sort of- she's in Florida, at any rate. She flew into Fort Lauderdale this morning, where she'll be staying for a few days with her ex sister-in-law, Kari Anne. She and my sister are still close, it's not her fault that he brother was such a huge dick. She seems very nice to me, although I don't know her all that well.

Dad and I might drive into Ft. Lauderdale and meet them for breakfast tomorrow, but nothing's definite yet. Nothing is EVER definite with my sister. She's big on the last minute plans, I prefer to plan things out days in advance, so I guess we'll just see. Either way, she'll come stay with us either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, until she flies home on Saturday night.

I've decided to be optimistic. For the most part, her visit in June went pretty well. There's no reason why this trip can't go just as smoothly. Right???

Dad's having ups and downs with his health. He's had reacurring diarrhea and bowel cramps. The docs suspected colitis, so they did a ton of blood work and CT scans, and the results were nil. He's in very good health, internally. (His liver is completely healed, thank God!). So they've scheduled a colonoscopy for mid September, just to check everything out.

Finally, some only slightly belated birthday wishes go out to itsaslashything and sorrelchestnut. You're such wonderful, kind people and I'm so sorry I'm a day late. I hope you both had wonderfully happy birthdays!


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