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Birthday Wishes and Thank Yous
First off, Happy Birthday to mlleelizabeth! I hope you've had a wonderful and special day- you deserve it!

Second, I want to say thanks to everyone who wished my friend Fredi well on her surgery. Dad and I went to visit her this afternoon, and she seems to be doing really well. She's in good spirits, and is looking forward to going home tomorrow. Her doctor was very pleased with the results. He told us that they removed a bunch of lymph nodes as well as the breast tissue. He doesn't know if they're cancerous though. He thinks they're not, probably just inflamed, but he can't say for sure until the biopsy.

Dad and I are both making sure that we're there for Eddie, Fredi's husband. We took him to breakfast this morning at the club, and made dinner for him tonight. (Shrimp Scampi, if you're curious, came out really well.)

Hmm, what else? Dad's girlfriend won't be here for Thanksgiving, she's going to Tampa to visit her brother in law. But she invited both Dad and I have to Christmas dinner with her, as well as go to midnight mass. I've never been in a church in my life! It should be an interesting experience, to say the least.


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