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It's almost Mother's Day
Not my favorite holiday, to be honest. Mother's Day always reminds me of how much I miss my mom. If we were still in New York, I'm sure my father, sister and I would go to the cemetery to pay our respects. I actually miss visiting her. Not that a cemetery is a fun place to visit, but it was nice to be close to her. I'm sure we'll go when we go back to New York.

The trip to New York seems to be on for the summmer, most likely in July. We haven't set an exact date yet, we need to talk to my uncle first, pick a date that's convienent for him, since we'll be staying with him. Apart from my ever present anxiety about flying, I'm looking forward to it. It'll be nice to see my uncle and aunt and my cousins, I really do miss them. I can't really say I miss my sister, since she's been down here so often since we moved. (Believe me, twice a year is plenty "often" to me.) She was going to come down late next month, but seeing as how Dad and I are going to NY, she's decided not to visit. She has stuff going on then anyway, one friend's baby shower, another's wedding shower.

A short message to all my LJ friends in Tennessee- I'm thinking of you guys, and praying that all will be well. The same to anyone on the Gulf Coast. Florida does lay on that coast, but thank goodness it's nowhere near me. Hurricane season is on the way, and I already have enough worries about that.

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:::Hugs you::: I'm sorry hon. :-(

PS What is going on in Tenn?

*Hugs back* Thank you, sweetie.

Massive flooding in Tennessee, including the city of Nashville. Water everywhere, no power, though it's been mostly restored by now. It's been all over the news. I'm telling you, Mother Nature is PISSED.

I'm sorry Mother's Day is hard for you. I totally understand, Father's Day is the same for me. I hope you can spend Sunday remembering the special times you shared with your mom. *hugs*

I think I can, finally. Enough time has passed that the bad memories don't overshadow the good ones anymore. *Hugs back*

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