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Family Stuff
So, my father celebrated his 67th birthday by getting a new girlfriend. He finally realized this his relationship with Florence was going nowhere. She's a lovely woman, but she only wants to be friends, which was pretty easy to see, even though she's never said anything about it. I don't think she's over the loss of her husband, which happened two years ago. A friend of hers recently moved in with her boyfriend, and Florence seems almost offended by it. So Dad decided to still be her friend, but move on romantically, which my sister and I both thought was a good idea.

He started going to a singles group for seniors at the local Jewish community center. A few weeks ago he met Ruth, a divorcee just a couple of years his junior. (and not Jewish, for that matter, but her ex was, so she knows quite a bit about the religion. And which neither of them thinks really matters, seeing as how they're not exactly planning on having kids.) I've met her several times, and she's really nice. She loves cats, has a couple of her own, and she has a lot of similar interests to Dad, in movies and music, which is nice. Florence was all about Bob Dylan and heavy metal, and really, Dad is not into Judas Priest. Anyhow, he's gone out with Ruth several times, he's actually at her place right now, watching a PBS special about Roy Orbison. Tomorrow night he's taking her into West Palm to see a production of Cats at the Kravis Center.

In other family stuff, my sister is doing well. It's been pretty much accepted that her ex's death wasn't so much a suicide as an accidental overdose. Apparently he'd done it before, looking for attention, but this last time it went to far. She has good days and bad days, and she misses him. Even though they were divorced, they'd been together for eleven years, before their brief six month marriage. Dad and I are heading back to New York for a week in July, so it'll be nice to see her in person.

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I'm glad the family is doing well. Your dad's new girlfriend sounds really good for him!

I hope she is. We'll see what happens. He tends to invest so much in his relationships, and he was crushed when he realized that Florence didn't want anything romantic. I hope things work out better with Ruth.

Glad to hear your dad is moving on, sweetie. I know from experience how hard it is to move on after being with someone for a long time. True, with me it was only 11 years, but still. I'm proud of him and glad he's found a woman who's better suited to him.

He really hadn't been seeing Florence all that long, since last spring, I believe. But he had really high hopes, and I hated seeimg them crushed. But he's very excited about this thing with Ruth, I just hope it goes better. I don't want him to be disappointed again.

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