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Can you catch a cold from a cat? (and other deep thoughts)
My cat Frankie has a cold. He's since passed it on to two of my others, and one of them, Stewie, has sneezed on me a bunch of times. (Lovely experience, trust me on that). Can animals pass on germs to humans? You know, I don't really know.

My trip back to New York is coming up very soon. We live Tuesday morning, for a week long stay. I just hope my uncle will let me borrow his computer. I think a week without computer access could cause permanent mental damage. I'm such an internet addict.

I still hate flying. I can't believe I have to get on a plane in six days. I'll probably end up clutching my father's hand as we take off the runway, I hate it that much.

Thanks to everyone who commented to my post about my father's girlfriend issues. The two of them seem to have reached an understanding, and she's promised to be less critical, just like he's promised to be more affectionate physically. We'll see what happens.

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I think animals and humans have completly different germs and can't pass it on to humans.

I hate flying too. :-(

Have fun in New York!

I'm worried about Stewie, he hasn't been eating or drinking. Dad's going to bring him to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your good wishes, sweetie.

You can't catch a cold from a cat - different virus! In fact, cat rhinovirus is related to herpes simplex, so if the vet says it's just a cold and not something more complicated, you can give him a tablet of Lysine to fight it off.

Mebbe your doctor can give you something to calm yourself down before getting on a plane, my friend-who's-afraid-of-planes has a prescription for a mild sedative that she takes and it works great! I can't ask her what it is because she's in Hawaii just now. Also, I just went a week w/o computer and it was very hard and painful.

My kitty Stewie is not doing well with his cold, unfortunately. He wasn't eating or drinking, so we had to take him to the vet to get him rehydrated. I hope he'll be able to shake this off- he's 18 years old, not exactly a spring kitten.

Thanks for the cat info, I'll take a look at it. And thanks for the suggestion about flying, too. A week without computer access could kill me!

I hate flying. I don't like it one little bit and I can't even read on a plane as it sets off my motion sickness. (I can't read in cars or trains, either. It is no wonder I'm a homebody.)

My cats are going to the vet on Saturday. One of them, probably Hector, has stopped using his litter box when he poops. He still urinates in the box, so I have no clue what his problem is.

I'm happy to read your dad and his GF have reached an understanding. I didn't offer any advice because I had none, not ever after thinking about it on and off for over a day.

Stewie pees in the box, but hasn't pooped in it in years. It's all my sister's fault- back when he was her cat, she left him alone so much that he pooped all over the house to get back at her, and now it's a habit he can't quit. A disgusting habit, he'll poop anywhere he wants, and at 18, he's not going to change.

Dad and the GF seem to have worked things out. I'm just not as happy about this relationship as I once was. She's constantly trying to change things about him, and it bothers me.

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