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Sad news
We put Stewie to sleep this morning. Dad and I both called my sister and told her it was for the best, that he was suffering too much to go on like this. She finally agreed. Rest in Peace, Stewie. For over 18 years you were a wonderful feline friend and family member, and we'll miss you.

Thank you to everyone who counseled and consoled me about yesterday's miserable events, both with Stewie and Dad's girlfriend Ruth. I really don't know what's going to happen next on that front. Dad and I spoke for a while last night, and he admitted that something has to change with her, that they can't go on with this. She's too clingy, wants too much, wants Dad to change so much about his life, and he's getting annoyed with it all. I think they're having dinner together tonight, hopefully some kind of resolution will be reached.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Stewie. It is so hard to lose our loved pets. :(

Thanks, Rhi. It's such a horrible decision to have to make, even when you know it's in your pet's best interests. I'm thinking that Stewie is now up in Heaven with Max, where they're playing together, just like the old days.

Ohhhhhh, sweetie! I'm so sorry. I know what it's like, it's just so sad and after 18 years! Wow. *big, tight hugs*

He had a nice, long life, with lots of love. I'm trying to concentrate on that, instead of the pain. *Hugs tightly*

My sincere condolences. *hugs*

Thank you. *Hugs back*

I'm so sorry about Stewie. I always try to find comfort in the knowledge that our beloved pets will live forever in our mind and in our hearts. *Hugs*

I hope that the situation with your dad's girlfriend gets solved and it doesn't give you any more pain.

Thank you, Carol. For everything you've said right now. *Hugs tightly*

My condolences for Stewie. My cat was found in a parking lot and I can't be certain how old he is. (I suppose I'll find out when he starts to age, but my best guess is 3-4.) I hope to have him around as long as Stewie was with you. <3

I hope Ruth works through her attention-needy paranoia. Or that you're well shot of her. Whichever works best!

Thank you so much. Stewie did live a good, long life, and I wish the same for your kitty.

Dad met Ruth at 8:30, and called me an hour later to say he was going back to her house. I don't know what that means, but I suspect it's not good. Sigh.

*hugs* So sorry about Stewie.

And I hope things'll work out, somehow, for the best about the whole situation with your Dad's girlfriend.

Thank you, Cris. I hope so, too. *Hugs*

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