Does anyone really want to read this?

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Can I get a break from this?
So, my back finally heals. Good, right? Until Saturday afternoon, when I notice pains in my left buttock, hip, and all the way down my leg. My father said it sounded like sciatica. I went to my doctor this morning- she says it's sciatica. Wonderful.

There's not much they can do. She put me on an anti-inflammatory, and low doses of Viocdin for the pain. I have to admit, I'm worried about the Vicodin stuff. Apart from my migraine pills and Tylenol 3 when having dental surgery, I've never taken precscription pain meds. You hear all the time how people get addicted to this stuff. However, the pain is bad enough, especially in my leg, that I'm going to chance it.

In the funny but true category- does anyone watch A&E's Intervention? The subject tonight was a young heroin addict who is living with his grandmother in her retirement community in Palm County, Florida. First they pan in on the "Welcome to Boynton Beach" sign. I live in Boynton Beach. Then they start showing the roads and the outside of the woman's condo. Guess where they are? Right, they're in MY development. I don't recognize anyone, though. Small world, isn't it?

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There are some stretching exercise that is suppose to help.

At this point, I'll try anything. The pain is pretty bad- the only position I'm comfortable in is laying on my right side with my foot extended.

I spent a week on the couch a few years ago in that very position. Outside of a migraine, that is the worst pain I've ever felt. Once the anti-inflammatory kicks in, it gets better. *big hugs*

Thanks, maddie, I hope so. I'm in agony right now.

Oh, Suz. At least I have your new ATWT fics to cheer me up!

Uh...if you want cheering up, I wouldn't read the two newest *g*.

It's fic by Suz. Whatever it is, I'll enjoy it. I just wish you wrote Stargate SG1. That's my latest obession, and I'd love to see what you could do with it. Your Smallville fic is still some of my all time favorites in the fandom.

I've written, like 100+ SG1 fics. Unfortunately they're 99% Sam/Jack ;D

Ah. I'm a complete Daniel girl, unfortunately, especially when he's paired with Jack. I like Sam in gen fics, but not as a couple with Jack. Jack and Daniel are in true love, you know!

So nel_ani has told me many, many times ;D

She's right! Though in a pinch, Daniel and Cameron could be in love. Or Daniel and Tealc. Whoever, as long as it's Daniel. I'll even read Daniel and Vala, and I am not a het fan at all.

Oh my, I do so hope the sciatica leaves you soon. I don't exactly know what it is, but I've always heard it's extremely painful.

I dunno about Vicodin, other than my first association is always "House," but pain killers and anti-inflammatories are good things when used properly. I live on motrin myself, 300 mg 2x day. Hopefully once the sciatica stops acting up, you'll be able to go without daily pain meds. You'll get there quicker with the anti-inflammatories -- I often have to argue with the spouse to take them when's actually hurt himself but even he has come to realize that they help him heal faster.

As for Intervention, I watch from time to time. I don't think I've seen that episode but now I wish I had. And I hope the kid is someone for whom treatment can and does work.

Sciatica is a long nerve running through the bottom half of your body. And when it's inflamed or pinched, it hurts like hell.

I'm takibg both pills, though I don't see much difference, to be honest.

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