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Got the MRI results today. Herniated disc, bulging out between the vertebrae on the lower back, towards the left. My leg isn't too bad at the moment, actually, but my lower back is very painful. I need to see a specialist, so I had to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon. I can't go until the auhtorization from the insurance company comes in, which will take two weeks- so I'll be seeing the guy on my birthday, the 29th. Happy Frickin Birthday to me.

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Suck. Let's hope it can be fixed with minimal disruption to you...

Thank you, sweetie. I sure hope so. The idea of any kind of surgery scares the bejesus out of me.

And by the way, I'm so sorry that I haven't commented, or really talked to you at all lately, especially with the earthquake. I've been in so much pain that it's kind of overshadowed everything else. I hope all is well with you.

No worries! I had unexplained sciatica in my late teens. It inexplicably went away, but I remember how bloody all-consumingly painful it was.

I've buggered my back in the stupid quake, so right now I am in horrrible inflamed-feeling pain and very pissed off about it. I am pretty sure all it is is soft tissue damage, but I thnk a doctor's visit and physio are in order. I had some twinges on the day of the quake, probably due to having braced under the door, then it started hurting more when we had to sit on plastic chairs, and then I fucked it yesterday carrying bricks. It pisses me off A LOT.

So I am really, really with you right now!

Jeez, you really are with me right now, aren't you? Back injuries suck!

Childishly, I'm pissed off because I was going to a belly dance workshop on Sunday and at this rate it's not going to be a good idea to go... if I do go I feel like my inability to do the dancing will be judged by Certain People, but I've always prided myself on not getting injuries all the time like Certain People.

You have to do what's best for your health, no matter what. We only get one back in this life, and if we screw it up too much, it's forever in a wheelchair.

Oh! And my mother had a hip replacement this year, and the difference the surgery has made is incredible.

Well, at least that's something good. I'm glad she's doing so well.

By which I mean, the surgery could be exactly what you need...

I've always been told that back surgery is to be avoided at all costs, it's the absolute last resort. I really have no idea how this will be treated, though. I don't want to get ahead of myself and start to panic and worry. Which, okay, I already am, to be honest.

Treatment for back injuries has very much advanced in these last few years. My husband had to resort to surgery years ago but he was fine in no time and I know that, now, the kind of surgery he underwent is much easier and heals even faster. Whatever they need to do to treat your problem, I hope you have a speedy recovery and no pain at all.

Thank you, Carol. I hope so, too.

I know you don't want surgery. It's scary. You may want to get a second opinion, or look into different treatments.

My brother injured his back years ago,and he refuses to have surgery. He goes for injections every time it flares up. Not too long ago, he was out of work for week when it flared up.

OTOH, my uncle did the same thing, injured his back at work and he *did* have surgery. He's fine now, no problems. It's definitely something I would have to put some thought into. *hugs*

I spoke to my sister earlier, and she has the same problem. She's never had surgery, relies on meds when there's a flareup. I really don't know what my options will be until I meet with the doctor. I want to do whatever will work best.

Thanks for the support, Maddie, as always.

ach, you poor thing! that sucks so much. I'm sorry for you! :(

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Oh no. I hope you'll lose the pain soon. :(

Thank you, sweetie. I hope so, too.

Oh cripes. I hope the specialist is full of wisdom as regards meds vs. surgery. I think if everything were equal, I'd go for the surgery as I'm beginning to think that the meds I take every day can't possibly be better for my health in the long term. Not that my problems are treatable by surgery, but still...

Anyway *toast* here's to being pain free soon.

*clinks glasses* Here's to it.

Oh, Andi, I'm sorry to hear this, but at least you finally can put a name to the problem! I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. And btw, speaking of your birthday, I completely messed up on the date; thought yours was the 20th, for some reason. Hence the card arriving many many days early.

Your card came today, sweetie. I don't care that it's early, I just love it! Thank you so much, it really made my day.

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