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Thank Yous
Got two holiday cards today, both with cats on the cover! Huge thank yous to two very dear LJ friends, aswanargent and teenygozer, for the beautiful cards, and the even more beautiful comments inside. In response to Gozer's question- I don't know how long, sweetie. Must be at least 5 years!

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LORDY! Five years!

Brooklyn was under several feet of very cold, flaked water the past few days; you'd have hated it!

I know, I read your last post. I was going to comment, but I figured you were probably exhausted, you didn't need to hear anything from me. My sister lives in Queens, and she was completey trapped, it took two days for her block to be plowed. According to today's NY Post, it was all a scheme by the sanitation department to get back at Bloomberg.

The Blame Game heats up so hot, it could melt a blizzard

Ah, yes; if I wanted to leak something, I'd definitely leak it to the NEW YORK POST. Not. They said it was the unions a-schemin' for revenge for laying off so many workers, they said it was the unions a-schemin' to do a lousy job so they'd have to go back and do it again and again and get overtime. They said it was the unions being lazy. I mean, pick one.

It seems to me that if the unions wanted to get back at Bloomberg, they'd have screwed up plowing Manhattan. But Manhattan was clean and clear and got plowed several times to the outer boroughs' zero times. And there was no need to do a crappy job for overtime, there was overtime a-plenty just doing the job, period.

I think the Post's "leak" was a politician or a political spin-doctor trying to get the heat off of Bloomberg and the other higher-ups who screwed this up. For instance, Bloomberg did not call it a snow emergency, and it was the sixth biggest blizzard we have ever had. I think it's so obvious whose fault this is, they're throwing wild punches in hope something sticks.

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