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Dad seems in a much better mood today, and he gave me some details of the final breakup at Ruth's place. What a wacko she is.

She met him at the door, all dressed up for the dancing class they usually attend on Tuesdays, but holding his toothbrush. Then she pitched a big fit about Sunday night. Her friends came over for the afternoon and evening, I think I mentioned how annoyed by that I was, that she invited HER friends to OUR house.

Apparently she was still pissed about the morning's fight over the kitchen table. She and the female friend set up a scrabble game at the table, and she didn't move until dinner time. (A good 3 and a half hours) Dad (and I, because he practically begged me too) cooked and set up the whole thing. Dad set the table, made the chicken, I made the mashed potatoes and vegetables. Ruth had a million criticisms about all of it. Why did he cook the chicken that way? Why did he set the table that way, using the paper plates and plastic cups instead of the china? Why did he make those vegetables? When he asked her if it was such a problem, why didn't she get off her ass and help, she said she might have, if I hadn't BARGED IN and took over. Really.

I guess that was the last straw for Dad. She told him he had no social graces or skills, no ability to treat guests properly. She's so full of shit she squeaks. They were HER guests- if she wanted something different, she should have got off her ass and done it. And apparently, while Dad's friends Freddi and Eddie are, in her words, fat. lazy and stupid, I didn't see any difference in the male half of the couple. Les, the husband, was extremely obese, with a myriad of health problems. He sat on the couch without moving, watching football and then falling asleep. He said 3 words the whole day.

As Dad tried to leave, she wouldn't let him go. She kept saying "you'll be living with Andrea the rest of your life, say it, say it, say it,". getting progressively more hysterical. Dad didn't actually tell me that part- he told my sister, who told me. Nutcase.

Dad told me this afternoon that Lainie, the woman he dated during his last breakup with Ruth, told him that the people at the social club where they met had a nickname for Ruth- disturbed. When an entire group of people call you disturbed, you might have issues.

I'm hoping this will be the last post I ever make about Ruth. I truly apologize to everyone who's endured these horrific rambling posts. But thank you for listening, because I sure as hell needed it.

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I hope your dad finally realizes that that woman has severe mental problems. And I hope for your peace of mind that the bitch never darkens your door again.

If this was the fifties, there's be a movie about this starring Anne Baxter and Bette Davis.

Ruth loves old movies. Maybe that's where she got this personality from.

And amen to your first sentence. Please God, let it be so.

I hope it sticks this time, and your misery with that woman will be over finally.

Thanks, Heather. I hope so, too.

Did I not say she wanted to move into your house? She was preparing the way, inviting her friends to come over. Is it a new thing that she started talking to your father the way she talks to you? Looks like she went after his friends the way she went after you. I think she was trying to do what cults often try to do: weaken your father by cutting him off from his family & friends so that he'd be more dependent on her.

How old is your father, anyway? A lot of elderly people would LOVE to have their kid move in to look after them. My mother has said she would love it if my husband and I moved in with her.

She actually said, during the morning's big fight, how can I move in here if Andrea's still living here? Then she kept saying how I should move out and into a halfway house or something, so she can move in and pay half the bills. (Which she can't, by the way, but whatever.)

I asked Dad if he asked her to move in, and he said no. I hope that's true. He's 67 (and a half), and truth be told, he didn't seem to mind my being here until Ruth made it a problem. He says he doesn't mind and would never kick me out. But he also said he would never let Ruth kick me out, and that had me worried. The idea of living with that woman fulltime is horrific.

ETA- She talks crap to my dad like that whenever he doesn't do what she wants. Which was a lot, I guess. He actually tries to reason with her. It's just not possible- you can't reason with a crazy person. I learned that during her early attacks on me.

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Geez, the entire social club describes her as disturbed and your father didn't take this as a clue? Or he didn't find that out until later?

Either way, I'm glad he has his stuff back and here's hoping she never darkens your door again.

he had to have found out during his last break up with Ruth, between Thanksgiving and December 8, because it was the new girlfriend he had during that interim who told him.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

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