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I am not looking forward to tomorrow, the 20th. It's the fourth anniversary of my mother's death. I've been thinking of her a lot recently, I suppose because of the whole Dad and Ruth thing. I mentioned to my sister that sometimes I wondered what Mom would think of all of this and she said, and I quote, "Mom is rolling over in her grave." Probably. Mom was far from perfect, but she loved us all, and she wouldn't want any of us living like this.

My sister went to Texas today, for a week long vacation. Last fall our cousin Evan moved there for work. His parents (my mom's brother and his wife) and brother decided to pay a visit this week- my uncle and cousin are both school teachers, and they have President's week off. THey asked me and Sis to come. I would have liked to go, but I just can't afford it right now. Maybe next time- I'd really like to see Houston someday.

I asked my father if he still thought of Mom (his wife of almost 40 years) and he said "occasionally. Not too much". That hurt, though I'm not really sure if it should or shouldn't. She's been gone for four years, and he's dating someone else, but then again Mom was his wife for half his life and his girlfriend is a pyschotic bitch. THey had a big phone argument earlier this week. She was horribly nasty as usual, but I guess as long as she puts out he'll overlook it. I'm just disgusted with the whole thing. With her, absolutely, but with Dad, too. I was thinking this afternoon that I no longer trust his judgement, and really, I no longer trust HIM. I'm very sad about that.

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*hugs you so, so tight*

*hugs back* Thank you!

*snuggles* Thanks, Suz.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you, sweetheart.

Thank you, sweetie. Having a friend like you makes up for a lot.

Incidentally, I checked my computer, and Staples used that malwarebytes thing to fix it.

I just wish there was something real-world that I could do to help you.

Can you afford a hitman? That would really help a lot. *Winks*

You do a lot, sweetie, just by giving me someone to vent too, and sound advice when I need it. I can't begin to tell you how much that helps. But if you ever come 'round Southern Florida way, I'll take a hug and a night out.

Thank you. *Hugs back*

*hugs* Hopefully the day wasn't as bad as you expected.

It's sad when you learn you can't trust your father. Then again, it may be better to learn that while he's alive rather than the way I did. My dad married an evil woman who separated him from his children (we kids were all adults by this time) and then after he died, we discovered the terms of his will were not what he'd verbally promised. He cut five of the six out entirely and the 6th doesn't inherit until after the last wife dies -- and she's only two years older than me so I expect she'll have disposed of all his property and spent all of dad's money long before she dies.

Hugs for both of us -- I need them now! (LOL, but sadly)

My God, that's absolutely horrible. I'm so sorry to hear what you went through with your own father. Why do all stepmoms seem to be like something out of Snow White?

I've been trying to figure that out since I was 13. I remember being in Junior High, on my way to German class, when one of my classmates stopped me in the hall and warned me "not to allow my father to remarry." This was shortly after my mom died and even then I wondered how I could "make" my dad do or not do anything. (The girl who warned me had a father who remarried and her step-mother was another Cinderella's stepmother.)

My dad had three wives. He married his second wife when I was, um, 17 I think. I spent years referring to her as Sandy-the-Bitch, but now I rather like her. I was hormonal teenager back then and I don't think my step-mom was completely done growing up herself. Once we both matured, we got along just fine.

After the divorce, he stayed single for a few years and was lots of fun. We (meaning Jebra and I) used to go over there every other weekend and we just had fun talking and hanging out. Then the woman who became his third wife needed a place to stay and my dad offered her my old room. Well, she didn't stay in my room long and once she was officially dating my dad they were always busy doing things together and never had time (or apparently any interest in) hanging out with us.

I just don't understand how any woman can turn a man against his children like that. I assume the sex plays a big part in it, but there has to be more than that.

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