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Family Stuff
Dad and I were invited to my aunt's house later this month for a Passover seder. Dad asked me if it would be okay if he brought Ruth. I told him it was up to him- I can't really stop him, can I? He said Ruth has been asking when she can come back to our house. Dad's shrink told him he thinks it's a terrible idea. I, of course, agree.

Something about all of this has been really bothering me lately. When Dad talks to me, my sister, other family or friends, he always says that Ruth and I just can't get along, we don't respect each other. It's true, obviously, but this also makes it sound like it was always a mutual problem. But it wasn't. I liked Ruth, until she started going mental last summer. And when she comes here, I have to walk on eggshells, trying not to set her off. I have never picked a fight with anyone, least of all that crazy bitch. She loses it over nothing, and turns into this vicious, venomous bitch. Dad may be okay with the always worried, walking on eggshells thing, but I'm not. I'm not doing it anymore. You can't bring Ruth here, I told Dad, because she loses her temper at a drop of a hat over nothing (i.e., a can of condensed soup or newspapers on the table. Really.) She has no self control whatsover.

Ruth has already aked Dad to invite me to a Seder at her house (she's not Jewish, by the way), or a day trip to an animal preserve in Palm Beach. I discussed this with my therapist and my sister. Ruth is telling Dad that I'm a conniver and a manipulator, a faker who's leeching all his money (ain't that the pot calling the kettle black), but she suddenly wants to spend time with me? Sis, shrink and I all agree that she's purposely asking because she knows I'll say no- it makes her look like the bigger person. Dad and I went to dinner tonight, and I told him that point blank, as well.

In sort of non Ruth news, Dad and I will be making our second summer trip to New York this August. We had planned to go in July, but Dad didn't want to be away for Ruth's birthday in late July. We were last year, which probably contributed to her first major freakout- she had her first hysterical breakdown the day after we got home from NY. I wonder how she'll react this year. When Dad mentioned to her (last fall) about coming with us to NY this summer, she said, they'll go to Paris instead. In the same conversation, she mentioned how much she likes animals better than people. Dad told her that he loves his cats, but he loves his daughters much more, and she just made a face. Yeah, she's normal.

I'm a little sad, because tomorrow would be my cat Stewie's birthday, either his 18th or 19th, the latter, I think. He was a good little guy, except for his refusal to poop in the litter box. He preferred the floor, the couch, under my bed, and my particular favorite, ON my bed. Not such great times, but I loved him and I miss him.

Stewie- much loved and much missed!

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Stewie was definitely a better person than Ruth.

Satan was a better person than Ruth.

Stewie was so beautiful! I miss my dog too. I cry whenever I think of him. *Hugs you*

*Hugs back* I lost 3 cats in 2010. What an awful year that was.

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