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It's my birthday and I'll scream if I want too!
So, I turn the big 39 today. I'm not feeling especially happy. We still don't have much word on Dad's tests. His new bloodwork came back absolutely fine, which is good, and tomorrow he takes a CT scan. We should know by the end of next week what the deal is. Waiting really is the hardest part. Also, Dad 's getting back together with Ruth, it looks like. So yeah, fun times all around.

I know I missed a bunch of September birthdays. I'm so, so sorry, my friends. To say I've been distracted lately is an understatement. So I wish Happy Belated Birthdays to latxcvi, carolandtom rhiannonhero and hyperfocused. I also wish current birthday wishes to carson_leigh. I hope you've had, or will have, a wonderful birthday.

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Believe me, I completely understand.

I hope you end up having a good birthday, darling. *hugs*

Thank you, Suz. My thoughts and prayers are with you, too. *Hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much, sweetie. I'm so sorry I was so late!

Happy Birthday, my dear. Hope you're having a good day.

Next year the big 4-0 for both of us. Where does the time go?

40. I can't even imagine. That REALLY makes me feel old!

Happy Birthday! :-)

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