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Great News!
We got Dad's biopsy results back today- no sign of cancer whatsoever!

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It's such a relief, Suz.

Oh God, it really is. *Hugs*

I'm so happy and relieved for you!!! :-D

Thanks, Heather. It's such a relief.

It really is, thank goodness.

Wonderful news! I'm sorry you had such a scare but what a relief!

Oh God, it really is, Carol.

Yay! That's the best possible news! *twirls you*

*Twirls you back* It's wonderful, sweetie. I'm just so relieved.

Oh, Andi, that is wonderful! I know you're relieved.

oh, such good news! I'm so glad to hear it!

Oh, me too, Roxy. So glad.

That's wonderful news.

It really is. I'm so relieved.

It really is, Cris. I'm so relieved.

Great news!!!!! *hugz*

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