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Happy Thanksgiving!
WIshing everyone a healthy, happy Thanksgiving, with lots of family, friends and love! And turkey (or tofurkey, if you're a vegetarian), though I won't be eating one of them today. We're having dinner with my dad's friends Fredi and Eddie, and they want to go out- to Eddie's favorite Chinese buffet. So, we're going. I shouldn't judge. One year, Dad and I had "Jewsgiving", where we ordered in pastrami and corned beef from the deli instead of making a turkey. Also, Eddie says the Chinese place puts out a turkey and some trimmings, but to be honest, if I'm going out for Chinese, I'm not eating tukey.

I will be bowing to tradition and making a turkey, but just not today. I've decided on Saturday instead. Fredi and Eddie will come over, I'll be making a turkey breast, mashed sweet potatoes and rolls, they'll bring stuffing and string bean casserole. I'll probably have to make the turkey tomorrow- I have a shift at the library Saturday afternoon, and it's anything like any other post holiday closing, it'll be a zoo. I figure I can just make the turkey early, then have Dad carve it and just heat up the slices Saturday evening. Plus, I'll have more room in the oven for the side dishes.

So, the best to you and your families, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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My sister-in-law puts on a lovely Thanksgiving spread, so I'm currently stuffed to the gills. If that weren't the case, Chinese would sound lovely and I hope you'll enjoy your outing. We'll be doing Thanksgiving again on Saturday, this time in Michigan at my half-brother's place. We're here in Indiana tonight and tomorrow morning; leaving around noon I think. Tomorrow afternoon we hope to see part of my family in Lansing, then on to my mom's place in the evening, then to another hotel that night. We're putting a lot of miles on the car this holiday.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Wow, that's a hell of a lot of traveling, isn't it? But I hope you have tons of fun with all your relatives, sweeetie.

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