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I'm home and I'm 40!
I got in from Miami Saturday afternoon. The trip, overall, was very nice. I can't honestly say it was the best time I ever had, but I did enjoy myself.

From the descriptions I read online, I expected something a little different. The specialty restaurants were really just outdoor stands, the pool was tiny, and the food was just average. I think part of the problem was that I was traveling with 3 other women who love to drink, sunbathe and go to clubs, and that's just not me. I really wanted to go to some shows, but it just didn't happen- the three of them took a minimum of two and a half hours to get ready to go anywhere- we were never on time for anything! One thing I really enjoyed was just sitting or standing on the balcony of our cabin, listening to the ocean, watching the water. It was hypnotic. I could be out there for two hours without realizing any time had passed at all!

Key West was nice. There were roosters roaming the street, and sometimes we caught a glimpse of little chicks. We went to the Ernest Hemingway house, and while that didn't impress me much (I'm just not a Hemingway fan),
I loved seeing the six toed cats. Most of them were sweet, and I played with adorable kitten named Alice in the gift shop.

I enjoyed Cozumel more. It was brutally hot and muggy, everyone on the tour was sweating buckets. After we saw some nice, but not all that intersting ruins, we headed to the beach club at Punta Morena. It was nice, but not really any different looking than any other beach I've been too. The best part was having dinner at the dock in an outdoor bar/restaurant called Three Amigos. I've never been a fan of Mexican food, but my fajitas were delicious. After that, we browsed the duty free shops. I bought a gorgeous Guess wallet. I really admired a pair of tiny sapphire earrings, but they cost $4400. Way out of my price league.

Miami was boring. The "suite" was a tiny room with two double beds, and there wasn't much to do. Dad met us for brunch Saturday afternoon, and then I came home, while my sister went to the airport.

All in all, despite some boring moments, it was nice time.  I'll post some pics later.

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Thank you, sweetie. I hope all is well with you- I have so much LJ to catch up on!

Sorry it wasn't all you hoped, but glad you still had a good time.

Thanks, Maddie. *Hugs*

\o/ At least the open ocean part was enjoyable! *called it* I don't think I could travel with untimely companions. I'd stomp off after the first missed event. XP

Mostly I just sat there amazed at what they were doing. 3 hours?

I am behind on LJ too but I am so glad that at least some of this trip was great and fun.

It really was. I miss my balcony.

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