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I could use some good wishes right now
Glee- Nightbird Blaine by nowheretogo26
My dad came into my room around 1:15 this afternoon and told me he was having chest pains and pressure. I called 911, and they came and took him to the hospital right down the road from us. They did EKGs, X Rays and CT scans, and found absolutely nothing wrong.

He's feeling better, thank God, but he still has to stay for 24 hours. They have to redo the heart tests every six hours. This happened a couple of times in New York, before we moved to Florida, and there was nothing wrong then, either. Please God, let it stay that way.

So yeah, I could use lots of good wishes and vibes right now. I'm all upset, and really, the timing of this is impeccable- tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of my mom's death.

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Wishing you both all the best, sweetie. HUGS

Thanks, Suz. He's doing well, thank goodness.

oh my dear--*HUGS* I'm thinking of you and sending you good wishes. ♥

Thanks, Roxy. *Hugs back*

I'll be praying and sending good thoughts, sweetie. *hugs*

Thanks, Maddie. *Hugs back*

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Thinking of you and sending all my best wishes!!


I hope all remains fine :)

He feels fine, thank goodness. He's just waiting for the cardiologist to come see him, and no one knows when that will be, unfortunately.

I hope your dad is feeling much better. *Hugs*

He is, thank God. *Hugs back*

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