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Same old, same old
Glee- Nightbird Blaine by nowheretogo26
A week since my last post, and I'm still sick.  This stupid cold doesn't want to leave me alone.

Dad is leaving for a one week cruise tomorrow.  He and the latest love of his life, Lois, are taking a Celebrity cruise to Cosumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Bahamas.  I don't think I'll be too lonely, though.  A bunch of my relatives are down here in Florida, and we made lots of plans.  Just hope I'm up to it.

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A celebrity cruise? What's that?

Celebrity is the name of the cruise line, like Carnival or Royal Carribbean. It's not about actual celebrities.

Oh, well that's not as exciting! LOL

A lot of cruises have special celebrity guests as performers. I imagine that's on much bigger and longer trips, though.

Hope you feel better, and hope your dad has a nice uneventful cruise (unlike that recent Carnival one...).

Thank you! And those poor people, what a nightmare they went through! I just hope that was an extremely rare event.

Thanks, Suz. I could use a cuddle.

Oh, sweetie, I hope you feel better! A week is a long time to have a miserable cold.

A friend from work just went on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas, but I haven't heard the details yet.

Unfortunately, whenever I get sick, it takes me longer than usual to heal, because of the diabetes.

I took a Carnival cruise this past September. Celebrity is supposed to be more luxurious. It costs more, that's for sure.

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