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Disney, Days 3 and 4
Glee- GP Blam 2 by mirita
I never posted about our last two days in Disney.

Our third day, Thursday the 23rd, we went to Animal Kingdom. We went on the Safari, where we saw giraffes up close, as well as a lion, an elephant, and a bunch of smaller animals. After that Dad convinced me to try Expedition Everest, one of those crazy roller coasters. Crazy is the right word. I don't have the actual words to describe what my body felt like when we were rushing along the track backwards and sideways. It was horrible! At least it didn't go backwards, too- I definitely would have vomited. It was close, though.

Our last day we went to Hollywood Studios. We saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, which was interesting and quite exciting. Then we went on the Star Wars ride, which was bumpy, but fun. It was actually the start of a Star Wars weekend, so there were all kinds of characters from the movies roaming around. It was so damn hot, I felt so sorry for those guys dressed as stormtroopers! But at least they weren't dressed as Chewbacca!

We left the park around one, and got home at 4PM. It was quite a trip. I don't think I'd do it again though. Four parks in four days is crazy. So much walking! But it was fun to be away for a while, and the hotel was wonderful. The trip was wonderful, really. I'm glad we went.


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