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Home Repairs and Sister Stuff
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
Sorry for the long post, it's been a while.

So, our mold problem is pretty much resolved, and at a much cheaper price than we thought. It ended up costing $2500 to pull down my bathroom ceiling and the closet in my father's office. The mold's all gone, thank goodness, and the rebuild starts tomorrow, It should take about 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Monday), and cost $1300. This means, of course, that I have to go back to sharing Dad's bathroom. Boo, though I must admit his shower is pretty damn nice.

We also went blinds shopping at Lowe's yesterday. Three damn hours, it took- it felt like ten, to be honest. Another $1700 for all of that, two big patio doors and eight other windows. Dad did end up taking out money from his IRA to cover all this. He has some big bills coming up- life insurance premium, the final payment for his hearing aids (6 grand for hearing aids, can you believe it???) his car insurance, $500 for my sister's baby shower- so the money he took will cover all of this, and hopefully leave some left to rebuild his savings account.

My sister's shower is set for October 25, at a restaurant on Long Island. Now we have to book our flights, and figure out where the hell we're going to stay. My sister is talking air mattresses and her hallway futon- just no way that's going to work. I tried the air mattress last summer- I lasted five minutes. My dad managed a few hours. We might end up having to stay at a motel, which, bye-bye savings account cash. Not much choice, though. She's registered at Bye Bye Baby (never heard of it), and really, I think her "guests" will end up buying her everything she needs for the baby, whom is tentatively (very tentatively) named Skyler. My sister has decided that the baby will have her boyfriend's last name, and our family name as her middle name. She still likes Savannah better, though.

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You are getting a deal on the mold remediation. Flood restoration for us was quoted st $7500.00 and that does not include rebuilding anything! Just the tearing out of one small bathroom's drywall and three walls of cheap panelling hammered into furring strips and then sprayoling everything with cleanser and and sterilization solution.

Belive me, I know it. His original estimate was 1500 to 2000 dollars a day, with 3 to 5 days work. We really lucked out.

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