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Good News!
Glee- Animated Blaine by kankonkine
It looks like my niece Skylar is coming home from the hospital today! She's still only three and a half pounds, but she's passed all her tests and the doctors say she's ready to go.

I don't think I'll be going to NY to see her until late January. My sister's mother-in-law is coming in this Friday and staying until January 7th. The day she leaves, my sister's best friend (and ex sister in law) Kari is coming in, until January 17th. There's just no room for me and Dad. But the upside is that if we come in the 17th or 18th, we'll be there for my sister's 40th birthday, January 20. I still want to go sooner (tomorrow, really) but it's just not feasible, unless I want to sleep on the lawn.

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Excellent news!!! I'm happy for you all! :)

Thanks, Roxy. They brought her home around seven tonight.

That is really good news :D I'm glad to hear it :D

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