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Happy Chanukah!
SG1- Daniel Chanukah by magnavox23
On this second night of Chanukah, I wish all of my fellow celebrants a very happy holiday. It's truly been happy for my family- as planned, my niece Skylar came home from the hospital last night. She's still small, but she has no problem breathing or eating. She's one strong little girl!

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Thanks for my Chanukah card! :) And Happy Chanukah to you. Did you get anything good? :)

Thank you so much! We didn't really exchange presents this year- we figured Skylar was present enough. She came early, but she's healthy and strong. Best gift of all.

I love the name Skylar. WHenever I make up a story my female characters are either named Chloe or Skylar. :D

I like Chloe too. Better than a Skylar, actually, but the baby's name had to begin with an S in honor of our mother Susan.

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