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An oldie but goodie
Flash 2 by ispaiens
My sister posted this pic on Facebook for TBT (throwback Thursday, I think it means. I'm not up on the lingo.)


That was her bridal shower, before she married her ex. Early 2003. Wow, time has passed. I still have that shirt, too.

It looks like Dad and I will be headed to New York at the end of the month. Dad's going to give our old car (a 2003 Camry) to my sister's stepson. It needs some maintenance, but it still runs really well. We'll take the Auto Train up- we bring the car (and ourselves) into the train in Sanford, FL, near Orlando, and disembark about 16 or so hours later in Virginia. From there we drive to my sister's place in Long Island. It's basically 8 hours of actual driving- 3 in Florida, and 5 once we hit Virginia. Better than the 2 or 3 days it would take to drive the whole way. And, I get to spend some more time with Skylar. She's starting daycare on April 1 (my sister goes back to work April 13), so the end of March is a perfect time. I hope the weather cooperates. And my body as well. Last time we were there I got sick on the second day.


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