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Happy Holidays!
Flash by isapiens
Happy Passover (not really belated, since today is still part of the holiday), and Happy Easter (only slightly ahead of time)!

No seders this year for me. My father and I and two sets of aunts and uncles went to dinner at a local deli tonight. It was pretty good. The only time we really do seders anymore is when a third aunt and uncle host, but they're not up to it this year. A month ago my aunt was in a terrible car accident, which fractured her upper back (she's already had surgery on her lower back the year before). She's recovering nicely, she's back to walking a mile around her community already, but she doesn't need the stress.

If I were back in New York, Dad and I would go to my maternal uncle's for the holiday. He does an abbreviated seder, like my grandpa always used to do. But I'm in Florida, and he's in Houston, meeting his future in law. That's a story all by itself. My Jewish cousin is getting married in a Muslim wedding, being held in the Asian Cultural Society building in Houston (my cousin works there.) The bride herself is not that observant, but her mother is. She's making my cousin convert, so the children will be born Muslim. In the Jewish religion, you are what your mother is. It's the opposite in Islam, so the kids would be born Jewish unless my cousin converts. The irony is that my uncle married a Catholic, who agreed to raise the kids Jewish, so both of my cousins had to be converted at birth. My aunt has a huge family, too, so this is going to be one interesting wedding.


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