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RIP, Ruth Rendell
Glee- Grease Blaine by nowheretogo26
I was very saddened to hear that English author Ruth Rendell died. She was one of my favorite mystery writers. I guess she's mostly known for her Inspector Wexford series. Ironically enough, those were the books of hers that I didn't read. I loved her standalone novels, especially the ones she wrote under the name Barbara Vine. The Blood Doctor, Anna's Story, the Chimney Sweeper's son...all of them magnificent. She also wrote a couple of books of short stories, which were just as fantastic as the long stuff. What a talent.

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I hadn't heard! Oh, what a pity....

Like you, I loved the standalones she wrote under her own name and as Barbara Vine. I read one or two of the Wexford novels, but just couldn't get excited about them. Perhaps it's time to give them another chance.

They'll be publishing a posthumous book later this year, I read. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Working in the library has its perks.

One of the short stories I read was a Wexford piece. It was pretty good, from what I remember.

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