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Some good news
I had an appointment with my nephrologist (kidney specialist) today. My test results were in, and they were fantastic! I still have Stage 3 kidney disease; with as long as I've been diabetic (almost 30 years), it's bound to happen. But my results were so good that my condition is negligible. I don't have to see her for another six months. Let's hope I can keep this streak going.

In other news, I'm all booked for my trip to New York for Skylar's first birthday. I can't believe she's almost one- it seems like she was born just yesterday.

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Congratulations on the test results! And have fun in New York. When is the trip?

Thanks. We're leaving for NY on Dec. 3, which is her actual birthday. We're coming back on the 6th. The party is on the 5th.

Great news about the test results. It doesn't seem possible Skylar's almost a year old already!

Thanks. It's unbelievable that Skylar is almost one. It seems like just yesterday I was in the checkout line at Publix, and my dad came running over to me, yelling "Stacy had the baby!"

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