February 20th, 2017

Bad Stuff

I've been slammed with a real twofer this week. Today is the 10th anniversary of my mom's death. I was anticipating a lot of grief, which is certainly there. I still miss her so much. But I'm somewhat distracted by the fact that the right half of my face is partially paralyzed.

Bell's Palsy, it's called. I got an earache Friday evening, and it lasted all through Sunday afternoon. That's when I noticed that I was having trouble eating my lunch. My mouth just wasn't working right. I ran to the mirror and I tried opening it wide, but only the left side would move. Same with smiling. And I could close my right eye, but not squeeze it shut. I called Dad, who was in Miami, and he moseyed his way home. We got the ER about 4:30.

They took me right away, and the admitting nurse said she didn't think it was Bell's, just sinitis. Boy, was she wrong. The doctor took one look, told me to lift my eyebrows, and said, "yep, Bell's." They did a CT scan and bloodwork just to be sure it wasn't a stroke. Which it wasn't, thank God. Eventually one unnecessary IV and three hours later, I was released with prescriptions for a prednisone and an anti-viral. Unfortunately by the time we got close to home, it was past 8 and the only 24 hour pharmacy open was Walgreen's, which, of course, doesn't take my insurance plan.

Dad went out first thing this morning to CVS with the scrips, and they filled them right away. I started them as soon as I woke up. Unfortunately the Prednisone is likely to affect my blood sugar, not great for a diabetic. I saw my endocrinologist last Tuesday,and my A1C dropped down to 5.8, which if you know anything about diabetes, is amazing for someone who's been diabetic for 30 years. In other people, that would be a pre-diabetes number. I don't want to wreck that.

Anyhow, here I am. Eating is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. I just have to remember to cut anything I want to put into my mouth; I tried bite into a bagel this morning and ended up with a face full of cream cheese. Talking is awkward, too. I'm going to try to be silent- I look weird. This condition can take anywhere from a week to six months to pass. With the diabetes, I have a compromised immune system, it takes me much longer to heal than other people. So if you good send so prayers and good wishes my way, I'd really appreciate it.