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A cute pic
I hope this works, I'm not very good at loading pictures.

From left to right: my cousins Hillary and Samantha (they're twins), me with my jaunty little scarf, my sister, Stacy, and my cousin Julie, the older sister of the twins. In the highchair in the back is my youngest cousin Heather, who is now 31. Time flies.

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I'm still amazed that it actually posted! I'm just not very good at the technical stuff. But as soon as I saw this picture (I opened the e-mail from my aunt about ten minutes ago), I knew I had to try to post it.

Aww, look at little Andi! Adorable! I love to see friends' pix.

It's so strange, I just all of these girls at my cousin's party last weekend. All three of them (not Heather) are moms, now. None of us are under 30 anymore.

You are very jaunty! Eeee! SO CUTE!

Thanks! And I already had that horrible page boy haircut my mother forced me to wear until I was about 10.

You are all so cute *G*. I think I had a closet full of similar outfits when I was little.

We still have pictures on the wall here of me in my little red turtleneck and checkered jumper. I vaguely remember taking those pictures, sitting on the dining room table. Of course, even worse than the clothes was the hair. My mother made me wear that horrible page boy until I was about ten!

Ohhh I love childhood pictures! And you look so cute! Thanks for sharing *g*

Hey, a couple of years ago - thank God for tags - I've posted some childhood pics as well, let me share too?

My God, I think your father and mine could be twins! Well, back then anyway. My dad's hair is completely white now, and has been for quite some time. He was salt and pepperish by the time he hit 35. Unfortunately, I think I'm starting to inherit that trait. I don't turn 35 for another month, and I definitely see some silver strands.

You were absolutely adorable in those pics! (and still are, I'm sure!)

You're welcome. And thank you, too!

Aww. Look at you, rocking that scarf. Adorable.

Aww, thanks. And look at you, rockin' Trip!

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