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After three disasterous tries, each more horrific than the next, I have achieved success! Well, technically, it was me and my father. Tonight, we have achieved the impossible- we made delicious meatballs!

I know that sounds kind of silly, but you have no idea just how bad our previous attempts were. The first attempt was the best- the balls all fell apart, but it still tasted good, sort of like spaghetti with a nice meat sauce. The next two were just terrible. I think the best thing you could say about them is that they were maybe, sort of edible- if you haven't eaten in months, and aren't too picky. But tonight, tonight was bliss, people. We also made up a nice pot of linguini, and after the meatballs were done, we poured the drained pasta right into the sauce. Yummy! We had some garlic knots, and I made a nice salad- it really came out well.

In more good news, when I signed on, I had an e-mail waiting for me from Amazon, telling me that my Smallville season 4 companion back (written by our very own theninthdoctor, aka Craig from Kryptonsite) is on it's way! Yay! for that too. Plus, yesterday I went to Borders ( I had two 25% off coupons, plus five free dollars) and got some new books, and the new issue of Sci Fi magazine. So it has been a very good weekend, indeed. I definitely need more of these!

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Recipe, okay. I can do that, thought I don't actually use measurements, to be honest.

Take one package of chopped meat (we use sirloin or beef, not chuck, and as lean as possible, usually the 93% lean) and put it in a large, deep dish. Add one egg, and a couple of handfuls of breadcrumbs. We also add chopped onion, and some garlic powder.(Chopped garlic would probably add more taste, but we didn't have any.) As you're doing this, fill your cooking pot (placed on the on stovetop) with a large amount of spaghetti sauce and put a very small light under it. We use Prego.

Mix all of your ingredients together, and as much as I hate it, it works best when you use your hands. Then roll them into balls- we make them about as big as the middle of the palm. Drop them into the sauce carefully (and I cannot emphasize the careful part enough, I burned myself tonight), and use a spoon to make sure the meatballs are covered with sauce. Then put the lid on.

Check the balls in 20 minutes. If your sauce is cooking down, add a little more. Check in another 20 minutes after that. Ours were pretty much done at that point, we just left them on for a few minutes longer. We used a spoon to pluck the balls out of the pot, then threw the pasta right in. And voila, you have meatballs and spaghetti.

This was our fourth attempt, keep in mind. I think it worked tonight because we left the pot on a very low flame, and we didn't cook it for longer than 45 minutes. Good luck!

Yay, thank you! I needed some guidelines to get started! *g*

I hope it works! My mom made meatballs all the time, and it always came out so well, she made it look so easy. And then Dad and I started trying, and everything went wrong. I'm hoping we're completely past that now. Good luck!

Good weekend? I'd count that as a great weekend! *G*

It was phenomenal. Which means something equally terrible will probably happen tomorrow. That's the way things work in my family.

Meatballs are a tricky, tricky thing. I'm impressed you got them to work. Mine always fall apart.

Mmm, linguini. This is making me hungry! *eyes fridge warily*

Yay new books and magazines!

I think the trick is to use enough breadcrumbs. But you can't use too much, or you're eating sawdust. It's kind of tricky, you're completely right. But we lucked out this time.

I'm always up for new books and magazines. I'd live in Barnes and Noble if I could. I'd sleep on one of their couches, and eat from the little cafe. I really like the Borders I went to, but I generally get better discounts at B&N.

Go eat!

Ha! You would not beleive the number of times I hear someone telling me to go eat. Somehow, it's one of those things I manage to not do at a reasonable time of day. But I did eat! Just naan bread and yogurt, but we are *totally* having meatballs and pasta tomorrow now that I've seen that recipe you replied to Wendy with up there.

I eat yogurt, but I've never had naan bread.

I'll wish you luck and hope that your meatballs turn out well. Good luck!

I hope you like the book... let me know what you think.

I'm all in Season 6 book deadline mode tonight. Bleh. :(

I'm pretty sure the book won't come today (Labor Day), but I'm hoping I'll get by Wednesday or Thursday. Amazon is usually pretty quick. I'll let you know what I think, but I'm pretty sure I'll love it as much as I loved the first three.

Congrats, my meatballs never seem to turn out right. Sometimes they're great and others not so much, there is no rhyme or reason with me and meatballs.

I suppose I technically have a ryhme and reason, if the damn things coming out terrible every time counts. We managed to break the pattern this time- I just hope it holds.

Woot congrats on your culinary achievement. :D

I'm rubbish in the kitchen. Number of things I can cook can fit on the fingers of one hand. *g*

I shouldn't have bragged. God punished me for it. (See my new post for details.)

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