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Sister Update
 I went over to my sister's apartment tonight.  She's doing okay, considering.  Her neck is terribly painful, though.  She might have gotten whiplash in the crash.  She's going to see a physical therapist tomorrow to see what can be done about it.  She also has an appointment with the plastic surgeon who sewed up her hand, on Thursday.  It's probable that she'll need physical therapy for the hand- two tendons were cut, after all.  And her big head bump has gone down a little, but her eye is black and blue.

We're all aware of how lucky she was, that she managed to walk away from this.  Her boyfriend's lawyer came by to see her today and told her she has an excellent case, definitely against the other driver's insurance company, and certainly against the driver herself, but there's no telling if the driver can afford to pay anything.  The lawyer will deal with all of that, and with my sister's insurance company, as well.

I want to thank everyone for their kind and supportive words.  I was kind of a wreck on Thursday night.  I couldn't even begin to imagine losing her, so soon after losing my mom.  I don't think my father or I could have ever recovered from that kind of loss.  If I ever had any questions about a benevolent God (and to be honest, I often do), I think a lot of them were just answered.  This was a miracle, pure and simple.

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Glad to hear she's going to be okay! {{hugs}}

She is, thank God. We really won't know the extent of the hand damage until at least Thursday, when the surgeon takes off all the bandages and the splint, but it seems very minor compared to what could have been.

omgosh--I didn't know! you poor thing--your poor sister! I'm so glad that she's not hurt worse. *HUGHUG*

It's a miracle, Roxy. To walk away from that like she did- there's no other word for it. *Hugs back hard*

Losing one's parent is already a tragedy and something that I don't want to imagine, but losing one's sibling? I just cannot imagine. Losing my sister is really unthinkable, unconceivable...

Again, I'm so, so relieved that your sister didn't get hurt worse *hugs*

Losing a parent is horrible beyond words, but to some degree you expect it, their being so much older than you. It's a natural, if tragic, part of life, unfortunately. But to lose my sister, my younger sister at that- you're right, it's just unthinkable. I couldn't even imagine it, until now. We were all very lucky. *Hugs*

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