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A really great TV night!
I really liked Smallville.  Go figure!

I didn't hate Kara.  I actually found her sort of appealing.  I was really expecting the worst, so this was indeed a pleasant surprise.  I was less impressed with Grant, the new Planet editor.  I was indifferent to Michael Cassidy on The OC, and amused by him on Hidden Palms, but I just find myself annoyed with him tonight.  Perhaps he'll grow on me, you never know.  I felt horrible for Chloe, though.  Poor girl, I hate to see her mistreated like that.  And where the hell is Jimmy?

About the Lex/Lana thing- meh.  I knew she wouldn't pull the trigger.  And I'm sure Lex's miraculous personality transplant will soon undergo a rapid turnaround.  And I'd heard about  this Lana clone thing, but really- could that have come any more out of left field?  And why the hell is Lex cloning Lana?  Jesus, isn't one of her enough?

Supernatural was pretty damn good, too.  

The idea of new cast member is always somewhat disturbing.  I'm still not sure about this new girl.  Kripke says to give her a chance, so I will, but at the moment I'm not terribly impressed.  I thought Tamara was a much more interesting character.  If they need to bring on a female counterpart to the boys, I'd go with her.

As for the rest of the show, I did enjoy it.  I loved Dean in the beginning, and Sam asking for his knife to gouge out his own eyes.  I also loved their scene at the end.  He may not have been all teared up, but I think I was a little when Dean said "all he did for the family."  Because really, Dean has put John and Sam and the whole mission ahead of his own life, and if he only has a year to live, he deserves to live the life he wants, even if he is overdoing the whole sex and food stuff.  But woobie Sam is just so adorable!

So, all in all, a good night of TV.  I love Thursdays!

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I liked Tamara more but then the other girl wasn't there for long. I already like her more than Jo. :)

I was sort of indifferent to Jo. Once I realized she wasn't a serious love interest for either of the guys, I didn't really care what they did with her.

I'm always leery when an established show adds new characters, because so many of them do it so badly. I think I've been spoiled by love for Joss Whedon, who always knew the right way to introduce newbies. Very few producers and writers have that talent.

I LOVED Tamara. I wish she stuck around. I can't stand Katie Cassidy and wish that they would have casted ANYONE but her. She bugs me so badly. And she has that "daddy, make me a star" thing about her that bugs me.

I don't know how much star power Katie Cassidy's father could give her. Did he do anything besides The Partridge Family? (Which, to be fair, I loved watching the reruns of when I was a kid.)

David Cassidy has connections. Once you're in the business, you'll always be in the business. It's the same way with the music biz. Everyone knows everyone and everyone can help everyone. Which is why you have to be a far superior actor if your daddy is famous in my book.

Jesus, isn't one of her enough?

Did they ever actually touch on whether or not there were more of her, or was the non-living Lana clone a one-off? That clone explanation happened to fast for me to catch all of it. (or maybe I'm just overthinking it)

I was very pleased with Kara! Grant not so much. The whole thing with Chloe and Lois seemed sort of strange. I keep thinking he's evil or being paid off or something. (again, probably overthinking)

SPN was pretty damn awesome. Tamara was a lot more impressive than new blond girl I agree, but then new blond girl didn't actually have a whole lot to say.

I expect a lot more woobie Sam this season. He does it well.

That clone thing came so completely out of left field, I don't think they explained anything about it. I guess we'll have to wait and see on that score. And yeah, you could be overthinking, which is something the actual Smallville writers can't often be accused of!

Woobie Sam rules!

I really enjoyed that episode; it feels so good having the boys back!

I really liked Tamara, maybe we'll get to see her again later in the season? As for the other girl, I don't know what to think of her yet... we'll see. We don't know her at all, anyway, she said, what, one line? So I'll wait, like you :-)

As for Dean and Sam, they were all kinds of awesome. As usual, mind you *g* And I loved Dean's 'I'm entitled to be selfish after everything I've done for the family' thing - coming from him that was a sort of stunning comment.

During the first season, everyone was feeling sorry for Sam, and really, I did, too, but on a whole other level, I really did see him as also kind of selfish. He had the freedom that Dean never had, and I hated the way he seemed to hold Dean's heart in his hand. More than anyone, I think Dean is entitled to be a little selfish, though it's horrible that it's come at such a cost.

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