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Family Medical Crisis #3
My sister's boyfriend got into a serious motorcycle accident late last night.  Yesterday, he and sis had a fight about their cat- he's semi allergic and wants to get rid of it, she doesn't.  He took off on the bike, and disappeared for hours.  My sister called all over, but couldn't find him.  She finally dozed off at 1AM, only to be awakened by a call an hour later.  It was the boyfriend, calling from the hospital.  He'd been in an accident.

This happened last night, but my sister didn't call to tell us what happened until this evening.  We're not sure why.  We offered to come to the hospital, but she said not to.  The waiting room is full of his family and friends, and she doesn't see any reason for us to be there.  We might stop by tomorrow, anyhow.

He's pretty seriously hurt.  He has bleeding on the brain, but that's actually the most minor of his injuries, the doctors think that will heal fine.  He hurt both shoulders somehow, the right worst than the left, because of a previous injury.  And he has second degree burns all over his back from the roadway.  What's even more troubling is that he has no memory whatsoever of the accident.  He has no idea what happened, how he got to the hospital, where his bike is.  Hopefully the police report will have some more information.

Dad and I went for haircuts this afternoon, and while we were there, Dad told our hairdresser, Lillian, all about my sister's accident, and his own trip to the ER.  She said she hoped that would be the end of troubles for our family.  I think it must have been a jinx.

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Thank you, I could use some of those right now. *Hugs back*

Oh, sweetie! I don't know what to say. Does it never end for you guys? *big hugs* I'll be praying and thinking good thoughts.

Please do the same for J. He is in constant pain - - he can't eat and barely drinks because he gets excruciating pain every time he swallows anything. He's been in bed nearly all day with ice on his jaw.

I'll keep J in my thoughts and prayers, sweetie. Please God, they'll only be good days ahead for all of us. I think we deserve them!

When it rains it pours! You all seriously need a break *hugs*

*N0ds* A break would be lovely. Please God! *Hugs back*

Yeah, we could sure use a break from all of this.

Oh, Andi! I'm so sorry to hear that something else has happened. Enough is enough, really, and the little black cloud that seems to have parked itself over your part of Brooklyn needs to stop raining on all of you and move on somewhere new.

If I had to guess why your sister waited so long to tell you and your dad what had happened, I'd say she was probably wrestling with some (unwarranted) feelings of guilt. You know ... if they hadn't fought about the cat he wouldn't have stormed out and gotten on his bike, and if he hadn't been on his bike, he wouldn't have been in the accident. I hope his family is sensitive enough not to blame her for what happened.

I asked my sister today why she didn't call, and she said she just didn't see the point. He's in the surgical care ward, not a private room, and they don't want too many people around, and his family is already there. His parents and son flew in from FLorida yesterday.

Dad went by today, but I couldn't. I had an eye doctor appointment, and had to dilate my eyes, and I couldn't even think of going out of the house afterwards, they were just so sensitive. I'll probably see her tomorrow, though.

Technically, my sister and her boyfriend live in Queens! So it must be a really big cloud! But really, it's just been one thing after another these past two months. I could really use a break from all of this.

*hugs* Hope the BF heals quickly and painlessly and that life settles down to something approaching routine *soon*.

Thank you, sweetie, but I think it will take a while for him to heal. I'll post about it later, but his shoulder injuries are pretty bad.

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