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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Sister's boyfriend update
You know, I'm getting really sick of doing these.

Anyhow, the bleeding on the brain stopped, and his road rash isn't as bad as they thought.  He's able to sit up and eat a little.  The big problem is his shoulders.  He broke both shoulder blades.  Also, he tore the ball of the right shoulder that goes into the socket, and broke his right arm, as well.  This is especially bad, since his right shoulder is all screwed up from a previous motorcycle accident.  He' s scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, and he'll have to be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks.

How the accident happened is still hazy.  My sister saw a piece of a police report.  He was apparently riding on a Queens highway Thursday night, around 6:30.  He might have been clipped by a car, a witness saw a car speeding away.  Still, no one is definitely sure what happened, and nobody has any idea where his bike is, either.

So, it's going to be a long recovery for him, and I don't know what this will do to their finances.  He can go on sick leave, or get disability, perhaps.  I know his boss went to see him today.  I hope something can be worked out, because if it can't, it will end up with my sister crying to my father for money, which is the last thing we need.  Besides, she makes over 80 grand a year- how can she not live on that?

On a me note, I had an eye exam yesterday.  My doctor is very nice and funny, but also a big fat liar.  He put the dilating drops in at 12:30, and told me it would take 3 to 4 hours for my eyes to go back to normal.  It didn't take 3 to 4 hours, it took more like 13 hours.  I looked like a bug eyed alien.  On the other hand, there is absolutely no noticeable difference in my eyesight, thank God.  (Eyes are a big worry for long term diabetics).  I actually did better reading the chart this time than I did last time (3 and a half years ago.  I kind of waited a little too long between exams.  I wouldn't have gone in this week if I hadn't snapped my glasses in half while I was cleaning them!)  I picked out some new frames, my glasses should be ready in a week.  Since my eyesight is pretty much the same, the prescription shouldn't really change, either.  That's a relief, because the last time I got new glasses, it took me a long time to adjust.  Everything was very tilted for a long while.

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I'm sorry about the accident your sister's boyfriend suffered. I really hope you have no more scares in a long, long time! As for your eyesight, I'm glad it's even a little better than 3 years ago. That's good news!

Three years ago I was nearsighted and had an astigmatism. Now I'm nearsighted with a different astigmatism. No real change, thank God.

I could use a break from all of these scares, sweetie. I actually didn't have to the hospital this time, because I was so bug eyed from the dilation that I couldn't face any natural light. I'm sure we'll be going to see him after his surgery, though. I'm just really tired of going to the hospital.

Sorry to hear about your sister's boyfriend. :(
I hope the surgery on Tuesday goes well. :)

I have no idea what dilating drops are. But I'm glad your eyesight is stable.
I hate to go on check ups and usually stall as long as possible, until I notice that I need new glasses because things are not as sharp as they used to be. *g* I also always manage to put the little bird in a cage (that test they make you do when you look on that microscope looking thing), and that's apparently impossible. lol

The drops make the black part of the eye expand (dilate), so they can look into the back of the eye. Apparently diabetics can develop some sort of fluid leakage back there, so it's important to check. And I have no idea what the bird in the cage thing is! We don't do that here. We look through the big microscope thing at letter charts.

The surgery might be Tuesday, or it might even be today, but I haven't heard anything from my sister, so it is probably going to be tomorrow. I really do hope things go well. Thank you for your good wishes, Cris. *Hugs*

yikes. i hope you don't mind i was checking out your journal. sorry to hear about your sister's bf accident. i hope he continues to be on the mend.

when you get your eyes dialated you best prepare not to do anything for the rest of the day i swear.

oh is it okay to friend you watching atwt right now so more later

Feel free to friend me if you like, I'd love to do the same. It'll be nice to talk about ATWT without hijacking someone else's journal!

And yeah, my sister's boyfriend was in a bad accident. He might be able to leave the hospital in a few days, but he's nowhere near healed. The hospital did a pretty crappy job, he's going to have to find an orthopedist. (And if you scroll back a couple of weeks, you can read all about my sister's accident, when she was almost killed by a drunk driver. It's been a terrible fall for my family, unfortunately.)

goodness meh to drunk drivers.

yes i would be glad to have you on my flist. i am glad i found a fellow atwt lover :) well and a luke and noah lover at that. and yean this will be better than hijacking the community all the time *sheepish* oh well the show is half over already

Sorry I took so long to reply, I had to go make dinner, and then I had some other things to do. I usually go online before dinner, around 5PM, and then again at 10PM, so that's always the best time for me to talk.

I've read and seen and heard all over the news about drunk drivers, but I don't think you realize just how serious it is until it happens to you. My sister's hand is still splinted and wrapped in gauze, thank God it's her left hand and she's a righty!

I'm now obsessed with Luke and Noah, so it will be absolutely great to talk about them with someone, though I must admit that on Thursdays and Fridays I tend to be more Smallville and Supernatural oriented. I'm making time for Nuke though!

well i am all for the smallville and supernatural talk. I am obsessed with Nuke i will admit it and we must discuss friday because well they will be together on friday. god it was sad when noah heard Luke say he couldn't move his legs. van played that scene so well it made me cry the anguish. and i wanted to hug noah poor guy he think luke doesn't want anything to do with him or better yet shouldn't want anything to do with him since its his fault

Of course Noah is going to blame himself, the creepy colonel sure laid on the guilt trip today. So Noah will have to deal with that, while Lule tries to deal with his recovery while a guilty Noah stays away. I could pretty much write this in my sleep, but I still can't wait to see it happen!

As much as I love the guys, my favorite TV guy is Tom Welling, and probably always will be. So I do tend to talk about him a lot. A whole lot, to give you fair warning. I really like the Supernatural guys, too. And David Boreanaz and Matthew Fox and on and on. But Van and Jake are on my list now, too.

I love Tom Welling, I love Jensen Ackles, love Jared Padelecki(have since gilmore girls) love Dave Boreanez ( i know i butchered his name lol) I love Chad michael Murray, James Lafferty...hmmm yeah I love a lot of guys too van and Jake are new to the list for sure. OH Matthew Fox and Scott wolf are on that list of faves as well and if we are just talking tv actors yeah i have a lot of lusts i mean loves *grins*

You were a Party of Five fan, too? So much in common! One Tree Hill is a guilty pleasure of mine. I feel kind of dumb when I watch it, but I still enjoy it. I used to have a massive crush on Paul Johansson (Dan) some fifteen or so years ago, when he played Greg on the NBC soap Santa Barbara.

yes i heart party of five :) Paul Johanssen is cute lol even though he plays a bad guy on oth i still love him. i remember santa barbara. Cruz and Eden, Warren and BJ the capwells sheesh i miss that soap

I loved Santa Barbara. Mason and Julia were always one of my favorite couples. I was so excited when Lane Davies joined the cast of General Hospital a couple of years ago, thinking how great it would be to see him with Nancy Grahn again. Unfortunately, the magic was gone.

mason and julia! that was the couple i couldn't remember. i loved them. yeah sometimes when the actors don't have the same chemistry when they are paired together on another show. case and point steve and kayla on days lovely wonderful everyone loved patch and kay :) however as stefan and Katherine the magic just wasn't there

Right after I posted, I thought that Steve and Kayla were a perfect example of a couple who couldn't recapture the magic on another show! But now they're both back on Days of Our Lives, which I don't even watch anymore.

neither do i. but yeah great minds think alike :) its almost lunch time for me at work. what is your day like ?

My day is pretty quiet, actually. I left my job and moved back home last fall, when my mother got sick. She died in February, and I still haven't gone back to work yet. I wasn't that crazy about my job to begin with, so right now I'm mostly home during the day.

well my consolences on your mother's passing. gosh i am so used to saying that. i worked with aarp health insurance up until the end of september so i was constantly doing death terms. anyway theres nothing wrong with staying home

Thank you for your condolences. My mother had a truly horrible illness and death, and needed full time care. There was no way my father could do it on his own, he has his own health problems, mostly arthritis related, so it was better for all of us if I was there.

Being home isn't my first choice, but that's the way it is right now. Once we move and get resettled I'd like to get a new job. The one good thing about my last job was how close it was to home.

thats the wonderful thing about my new job. its closer to home. i will keep my fingers crossed for you then. so how was your day

My day was pretty ordinary. Thursday is grocery shopping day. Very exciting. Then at 5PM my father and I started cooking dinner. A little earlier than we usually start, but we were working with raw chicken, so we needed more time.

Cooking dinner together is actually pretty nice. We had to start last summer when my mother got sick. She had usually done all of the cooking, at least dinnerwise. My father's forte was always breakfast, he was a cook in the army and that was his main meal. At first we had some serious trouble trying to make a decent meal, but we seem to have found a good rhythm. Tonight's lemon pepper chicken, baked potato and broccoli turned out rather well.

sounds really yummy. i'm glad you guys have a good routine and rhythm now

We do, finally. And after three terrible tries, we finally mastered meatballs, which I'm especially proud of.

awesome, hey what did you think of tonight's supernatural

I enjoyed it. Dean and his mini-me were just adorable. I went into more detail in my latest post at my LJ, if you want to check it out.

heh i will check it out. yeah i know i think tha tis so his kid for real for real lol

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