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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Sister's boyfriend update
You know, I'm getting really sick of doing these.

Anyhow, the bleeding on the brain stopped, and his road rash isn't as bad as they thought.  He's able to sit up and eat a little.  The big problem is his shoulders.  He broke both shoulder blades.  Also, he tore the ball of the right shoulder that goes into the socket, and broke his right arm, as well.  This is especially bad, since his right shoulder is all screwed up from a previous motorcycle accident.  He' s scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, and he'll have to be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks.

How the accident happened is still hazy.  My sister saw a piece of a police report.  He was apparently riding on a Queens highway Thursday night, around 6:30.  He might have been clipped by a car, a witness saw a car speeding away.  Still, no one is definitely sure what happened, and nobody has any idea where his bike is, either.

So, it's going to be a long recovery for him, and I don't know what this will do to their finances.  He can go on sick leave, or get disability, perhaps.  I know his boss went to see him today.  I hope something can be worked out, because if it can't, it will end up with my sister crying to my father for money, which is the last thing we need.  Besides, she makes over 80 grand a year- how can she not live on that?

On a me note, I had an eye exam yesterday.  My doctor is very nice and funny, but also a big fat liar.  He put the dilating drops in at 12:30, and told me it would take 3 to 4 hours for my eyes to go back to normal.  It didn't take 3 to 4 hours, it took more like 13 hours.  I looked like a bug eyed alien.  On the other hand, there is absolutely no noticeable difference in my eyesight, thank God.  (Eyes are a big worry for long term diabetics).  I actually did better reading the chart this time than I did last time (3 and a half years ago.  I kind of waited a little too long between exams.  I wouldn't have gone in this week if I hadn't snapped my glasses in half while I was cleaning them!)  I picked out some new frames, my glasses should be ready in a week.  Since my eyesight is pretty much the same, the prescription shouldn't really change, either.  That's a relief, because the last time I got new glasses, it took me a long time to adjust.  Everything was very tilted for a long while.

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I'm sorry about the accident your sister's boyfriend suffered. I really hope you have no more scares in a long, long time! As for your eyesight, I'm glad it's even a little better than 3 years ago. That's good news!

Three years ago I was nearsighted and had an astigmatism. Now I'm nearsighted with a different astigmatism. No real change, thank God.

I could use a break from all of these scares, sweetie. I actually didn't have to the hospital this time, because I was so bug eyed from the dilation that I couldn't face any natural light. I'm sure we'll be going to see him after his surgery, though. I'm just really tired of going to the hospital.

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