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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Thursday Night Shows (and a little something extra)
So, new Smallville and Supernatural tonight. I think I liked SPN better. Reviews follow, under the cut.

I was unimpressed. Of course, more than anything, the Clana stuff bored and depressed me. Talk about beating a dead horse! Can't they just let this go already? Apparently not, according to the producers, who made some ridiculous comments in an interview with Tv Guide.com.

Kara's an interesting character, but I thought parading her around in a teeny tiny bikini was a cheap shot. Also, the promo stills clearly showed Kara performing in a talent show, I think as a magician with Clark as her assistant. (At least, that was my interpretation.) That would have been funny, I think.

Lex still irritates me, I hated the way he was bullying Kara at the end. I know it's against his nature, but why isn't he ever satisfied with saying, "You saved my life. Thank you." Why does he always have to push like that? Also, I was disappointed in Clark, a little. It felt like he was picking on Kara a little, but I sort of understood it, at the end. He's suddenly the parent figure, has to figure out how to take care of this girl. So I'm going to cut him a little slack. A little. And yes I'm cutting Clark slack, and not Lex. I fully admit it.

Supernatural was the better show of the night, I thought.

Okay, Dean has to be that kid's father. They're so cute together! Ben is clearly Dean's mini-me. And while I don't approve of children fighting in any way, shape or form, I have to admit, watching a bully get a much deserved kick in the balls is always a thrill.

I'd heard some rumors that Ruby (the new chick) was some sort of demon. I'm still not sure what to make of her. She's interesting with Sam, so maybe there's some potential there. I do like how determined Sam is to save his brother. I want Sam to be more proactive. He seems to be a very reactive character, I like it when takes charge.

On a non Thursday viewing note, I have to say I am now obsessed with As the World Turns, and their gay teenagers in love storyline. Luke and Noah, two of the cutest gay boys I've ever seen, they really are the best part of the show. They're romance is so slow and agonizing and real (to a point, this is a daytime soap, and melodrama does rule.) It's really worth checking them out. And thanks to the show, I've made a wonderful new LJ friend, passionate_hope. Welcome to my LJ, sweetie.

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I kinda thought Clark was being a bit too harsh with Kara too, it was very much like he was channeling Jonathan. Like you, I'm totally willing to cut him some slack on that one, since he's not so great with the being put into the role of mentor or whatnot.

The Clana sickens me, but it could have been worse. There could have been *more* of it.

SPN was awesome. I loved Dean and that kid! Even though she said it wasn't his kid, I think I still have my suspicions. Though for a minute there when she was talking about the guy she'd slept with, I wondered if maybe it had been Papa Winchester, but I doubt it. (That would be a zippy twist though). I'm not thrilled with blond demon girl. Something about her just bugs me.

O.O I used to watch ATWT, but it's been a while. I may have to attempt to catch up with it again.

I used to watch ATWT 20 years ago. My favorite couple was Holden and Lily back then. She was the innocent rich girl and he was the brooding sexy bad boy. Kind of like Dean, actually. And now I'm watching their son fall in love with another boy!

I kind of went to the Papa Winchester place, too. I guess kinky minds think alike!

And yeah, the Clana, yuck. Really, what the hell else can we say about them that hasn't already been said over the past 6 years?

Yeah, ITA on the bikini parade. I'm totally putting the ol' noodle on hold with SV these days. I liked seeing Clark splattered with watermelon goo and noticed what nice eyes Jimmy has. That was about it. Al is a cheezy bastid, but he can't hurt me no more!

Luke and Noah, two of the cutest gay boys I've ever seen, they really are the best part of the show.

I've been watching their saga on YouTube for awhile now. They are very adorable, although me thinketh Noah needs an iron skillet to the forehead sometimes. Have you watched those Van Hansis as Henry Davis clips? Too cute!

*hugs you*

I just discovered ATWT a couple of weeks ago. I've watched a couple of clips on You Tube, but unfortunately I still have dial up, and downloading anything longer than 30 seconds is a major production. And who is Henry Davis?

I was rewatching Smallville before I went to sleep, and at the end, when Chloe and Jimmy were talking in the Talon, I noticed his eyes, too. How about that?

*Hugs you back*

That is So dean's kid! I was saying it through the whole episode. Papa Winchester eh? I don't think that one crossed my mind but anything is possible. what a twist that would be. Still I think she's lying, i guess she doesn't want to disrupt Ben's life especially since obviously Dean doesn't stay in one place for too long.

Thanks for the Welcome :)

Luke and Noah are indeed the best thing about ATWT these days. It's the only storyline i truly make sure i catch. Jack and Carly come secondary to that. I missed Smallville though but i just know i wouldn't have enjoyed the clana stuff

I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who thought that John might be the kid's father. In retrospect, I sincerely doubt it, but the thought was there. And when I first heard about Ruby, and that she had some kind of connection to Sam, my first thought there was that she was John's daughter. Probably not.

I'm not crazy about Jack and Carly. The storyline is so predictable. Now she's not going to tell him she doesn't have a tumor, and she'll get deeper and deeper into the lie, and really, I don't care. I watch the show for one reason only- Luke and Noah. Though I might get drawn into the Lily/Holden/Dusty stuff, simply because I used to watch them some 20 years ago.

You're welcome for the welcome! I try to do that whenever someone new friends me. I like people to feel at home here. And I'm not going to say another word about the Clana. I don't need to get any more depressed about my used to be favorite show.

i think you and my friend yourgravity would get along just fine :) she's big on tom welling and was a huge smallville fan. this season has fell short for her too and she can't stand clana.

lily and holden was my reason to tune in every day with gran back then. i do like that story though i am so mad at holden right now. love luke and noah though

I'll check out your friend's journal. I'm always drawn to people who worship Tommy as much as I do! I actually thought the season was going pretty well, until last night. That stupid Lana ruins everything.

I know she really does. and you want someone who worships Tommy (he's my age!) then yeah Marie is definitely the one

I actually tried to friend her, but it didn't work. Her journal says "comment to be added", so I commented, but LJ wouldn't let the comment post, because her journal only accepts comments from friends.

i had that problem i will tell her you are trying to friend her

no problem. she will check it out when she gets home :)

I was amused when Kara told Clark that he's uptight and reminds her of his father. She meant Jor-El, but same could apply for Jonathan too. Ha ha.

It was scary how much Clark was channeling Jonathan last night! But he seems to be calming down, letting Kara develop at her own pace, which Jonathan did do, after a very long while.

*waves* Just wanted to say hi, and that I've friended you back. And I apologize, I didn't realize I had set my LJ to allow comments from only friends. I'll have to fix that for in the future.

Also, I think Jammi (passionate_hope) was right; you and I -do- share a lot of interests. Unfortunately, I had to skim past your thoughts on this week's Smallville and SPN, but Supernatural kind of owns my heart. Hee. And Smallville, while I still have some hope for, I also have some issues with.

Now, if you told me you were a House fan, I'd be totally sold. lol, so kidding. I think we'll get along just fine, and welcome to my fl. *goes to do a welcome entry on her lj*

Hi back! Welcome!

I'm a total House fan. I watch it regularly, I just don't really post about it. I'm not as obsessive about it as I am about Smallville and SPN, but I'm still a fan.

I'm also a huge Firefly/Serenity fan. I noticed that you had a Firefly pic up at your LJ. Actually, I'm a major fan of anything created by Joss Whedon. He's so brilliant, every time I watch Smallville, I always end up thinking what Joss could do with the show. Unfortunately, that's only a fantasy.

That's an awesome thought for Smallville. Joss Whedon would have made that show amazing. *sighs wistfully*

And yes, you caught me - I'm a Firefly/Serenity fan as well. I've watched the series all the way through twice, and went back for random, favorite episodes. But I'm way past due for a re-watch. And Serenity, I still have some issues with the movie (mainly the Wash angle), but the movie was still beautiful. I cry every time I watch it, and I'm always in awe of what Joss created, the world he built, and angry that the show didn't get a fair chance. That show was what made me fall for Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, -and- the lovely Summer Glau.

Finally, House is my addiction. Or was, until the start of this season. My shows are making me very nervous this season; I've said that more than once recently, and I'm still saying it. It's as if all the shows are trying to fix what wasn't broken, or are just trying crazy things to gain ratings. *shakes head* You probably will see me post about House from time to time; I threw a fit when I saw the premiere for season four, though I'm finally settling down some.

But yeah, when I fall for a show, I generally fall hard. *smiles sheepishly*

I taped Firefly when it first aired, but I never really watched it beyond the first episode. Something prompted me to go and watch the show a while later, and of course I became addicted. I ordered the DVD set, read all the fanfic. It's still one of my all time favorite shows. I like all of the cast members, but Sean Maher is my favorite. And yes, I hated what happened to Wash in Serenity. He was always one of my favorites.

I get what you mean about falling for shows wholeheartedly. I do that, too. One look at Smallville, about two months past its' actual premiere, and I was hooked! I get like that.

I didn't even watch the first season of House. I really don't have any complaints about the season, except for a certain frustration with how they're dealing with House's former team. This just hanging around thing is dumb. If they aren't working for House anymore, is it really necessary for them to still be on the show? I'm sure I'm in the minority for thinking that. I hope you're not too offended!

I really don't have any complaints about the season, except for a certain frustration with how they're dealing with House's former team. This just hanging around thing is dumb. If they aren't working for House anymore, is it really necessary for them to still be on the show? I'm sure I'm in the minority for thinking that. I hope you're not too offended!

No, see, that's kind of what I've been thinking, as well. Chase is one of my favorite characters on the show, overall; I adore him, and I'm even fond of Cameron and Foreman. But I either want to see them working for House, on his team, or not at all. What's the point of getting little glimpses of the three, seeing them for three minutes in an episode, when we're used to them always being there? That's the main problem I've had with this season so far. I'm halfway glad that they're at least there and halfway wishing they were -truly- there, as in back on his team.

Cuddy is right, or maybe it was Wilson taht said it. I think it -was- Wilson: House will more than likely hire people he doesn't like to replace the original three, because that way, he doesn't have to care about them. And I hate that. I don't -want- those three to be replaced.

But, I still love the show. I've tried to stop watching, and I can't. I'm addicted. LOL

And no, you didn't offend me in any way. No worries. :)

Chase is my favorite member of team. And yes, a huge reason for that is because he's so pretty. I'm kind of shallow that way.

I'm glad I didn't offend you. I'm used to being the person who likes the character everyone else doesn't, like in Smallville. Almost all of my online friends worship Lex, they think he's so slinky and sexy and charismatic, and I don't see it all. He's not that good looking, and he's boring. I'm a Clark/Tommy girl all the way.

When it comes to the men of Smallville, I'm split down the middle. I know that Lex is ultimately destined to turn evil and such, and that we're seeing more and more of that darker side to him in recent seasons. And yet...he's the character I want to cheer for, the one I'm watching and going, "No Lex, don't go to the dark side!", even know I know it's hopeless. To me, he is a fascinating character, full of this need to be best and loved for who he is, yet capable of being...to borrow a phrase from 'Heroes', "morally grey" if not outright wrong at times. *sighs*

However, like you, it's Clark who stole my heart. I've used Tom Welling as the 'face' for a character that I write about for...well, four years next spring, and that, combined with the fact that he has to be one of the more adorable men alive, and the life and energy he brings to the show, and having watched his evolution as an actor, all of it combines to make me just fall for Tom (and by extension when it comes to Smallville, Clark), again every episode. Truthfully, he's the character who keeps me coming back, with Chloe in second, and I suppose I'd place Lex in third. I like those angsty, tortured characters. But yeah, Tom Welling was my first love on Smallville. :D

Tom is definitely the reason I keep watching Smallville. Just for the hell of it, I put in my season 1 DVDs and watched the first couple of episodes. Tommy has come so far, and I guess the show has too, but I can't really say it's for the better when it comes to the show. There are things I love about it, and always will, but some of the storylines are just so disappointing.

I do like Chloe, but I'm not crazy about what they've done with her this year. She seems kind of wimpy, kowtowing to that ridiculous editor. She needs to regain some of her spark.

And Lex, meh. I actually liked him the first couple of seasons. But now, I could care less. I know a lot of LJ people say that once Rosenbaum goes, they will too, but I don't really care if he goes. As long as Tommy's there, I will be too.

As long as Tommy's there, I will be too.

Me too, I reckon. :)

I do like Chloe, but I'm not crazy about what they've done with her this year. She seems kind of wimpy, kowtowing to that ridiculous editor. She needs to regain some of her spark.

I'm an episode or two behind, but I've seen some rumbling online about a few changes to her character. And that's sad, because I adore Chloe. I will never understand why shows bow and scrape for ratings by massacring some characters and twisting others up until you don't recognize them, or making them more commercialized. That is such a pet peeve of mine when it comes to my shows.

And as for what you said about going back and re-watching S1, I agree. The show has come a long way, though there could be so many improvements. (I mean, is there really any reason to keep up with the ridiculously melodramatic and drawn-out Clark/Lana pairing? Couldn't Lana -really- have died and provided Lex with enough angst to truly go all dark side, even though I would have cried had that happened to him?)

Plus, you're right - Tom Welling has matured as an actor. I adored him from the pilot, but it's been amazing, watching him grow. *grins*

It's says something about the show that six years later, it's still all about the CLana. And the idea of Lana being the ultimate reason for Superman and Lex Luthor's animosity irritates me to no end. She's so...inane. Bland. This is someone who causes two people to become mortal enemies?

Truth be told, I'll stick with the show to the bitter end, no matter what happens. Once I committ myself to a show, I stay with it. There's only been one show I abandoned midstream, The X Files. I loved it at the beginning, but then I just couldn't take it anymore.

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