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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Thursday Night Shows (and a little something extra)
So, new Smallville and Supernatural tonight. I think I liked SPN better. Reviews follow, under the cut.

I was unimpressed. Of course, more than anything, the Clana stuff bored and depressed me. Talk about beating a dead horse! Can't they just let this go already? Apparently not, according to the producers, who made some ridiculous comments in an interview with Tv Guide.com.

Kara's an interesting character, but I thought parading her around in a teeny tiny bikini was a cheap shot. Also, the promo stills clearly showed Kara performing in a talent show, I think as a magician with Clark as her assistant. (At least, that was my interpretation.) That would have been funny, I think.

Lex still irritates me, I hated the way he was bullying Kara at the end. I know it's against his nature, but why isn't he ever satisfied with saying, "You saved my life. Thank you." Why does he always have to push like that? Also, I was disappointed in Clark, a little. It felt like he was picking on Kara a little, but I sort of understood it, at the end. He's suddenly the parent figure, has to figure out how to take care of this girl. So I'm going to cut him a little slack. A little. And yes I'm cutting Clark slack, and not Lex. I fully admit it.

Supernatural was the better show of the night, I thought.

Okay, Dean has to be that kid's father. They're so cute together! Ben is clearly Dean's mini-me. And while I don't approve of children fighting in any way, shape or form, I have to admit, watching a bully get a much deserved kick in the balls is always a thrill.

I'd heard some rumors that Ruby (the new chick) was some sort of demon. I'm still not sure what to make of her. She's interesting with Sam, so maybe there's some potential there. I do like how determined Sam is to save his brother. I want Sam to be more proactive. He seems to be a very reactive character, I like it when takes charge.

On a non Thursday viewing note, I have to say I am now obsessed with As the World Turns, and their gay teenagers in love storyline. Luke and Noah, two of the cutest gay boys I've ever seen, they really are the best part of the show. They're romance is so slow and agonizing and real (to a point, this is a daytime soap, and melodrama does rule.) It's really worth checking them out. And thanks to the show, I've made a wonderful new LJ friend, passionate_hope. Welcome to my LJ, sweetie.

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Tom is definitely the reason I keep watching Smallville. Just for the hell of it, I put in my season 1 DVDs and watched the first couple of episodes. Tommy has come so far, and I guess the show has too, but I can't really say it's for the better when it comes to the show. There are things I love about it, and always will, but some of the storylines are just so disappointing.

I do like Chloe, but I'm not crazy about what they've done with her this year. She seems kind of wimpy, kowtowing to that ridiculous editor. She needs to regain some of her spark.

And Lex, meh. I actually liked him the first couple of seasons. But now, I could care less. I know a lot of LJ people say that once Rosenbaum goes, they will too, but I don't really care if he goes. As long as Tommy's there, I will be too.

As long as Tommy's there, I will be too.

Me too, I reckon. :)

I do like Chloe, but I'm not crazy about what they've done with her this year. She seems kind of wimpy, kowtowing to that ridiculous editor. She needs to regain some of her spark.

I'm an episode or two behind, but I've seen some rumbling online about a few changes to her character. And that's sad, because I adore Chloe. I will never understand why shows bow and scrape for ratings by massacring some characters and twisting others up until you don't recognize them, or making them more commercialized. That is such a pet peeve of mine when it comes to my shows.

And as for what you said about going back and re-watching S1, I agree. The show has come a long way, though there could be so many improvements. (I mean, is there really any reason to keep up with the ridiculously melodramatic and drawn-out Clark/Lana pairing? Couldn't Lana -really- have died and provided Lex with enough angst to truly go all dark side, even though I would have cried had that happened to him?)

Plus, you're right - Tom Welling has matured as an actor. I adored him from the pilot, but it's been amazing, watching him grow. *grins*

It's says something about the show that six years later, it's still all about the CLana. And the idea of Lana being the ultimate reason for Superman and Lex Luthor's animosity irritates me to no end. She's so...inane. Bland. This is someone who causes two people to become mortal enemies?

Truth be told, I'll stick with the show to the bitter end, no matter what happens. Once I committ myself to a show, I stay with it. There's only been one show I abandoned midstream, The X Files. I loved it at the beginning, but then I just couldn't take it anymore.

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