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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Tommy on TMZ show
TOm Welling was mentioned in a brief segment on the TMZ TV show tonight. It was basically a tiny little piece about how he and Brandon Routh, the recent movie Superman, have let themselves go. They called Tom fat and sloppy. Admittedly, it was not his best look, he looks like he just woke up and stepped outside for the paper or something, but really, I think they went too far. No one insults my Tommy!

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Thank you. I needed that!

Geez, a poor actor's not allowed to wear baggy clothes and go unshaven on his time off? Fucking tabloid reporters! *smacks them*

They called him Kal-Hell! My poor Tommy, no wonder he never makes public appearances.


Omg, I knew the show was beyond stupid, but that takes the cake! How in the world can they call the guy fat? He's not exactly a fashion template, I'll grant them, but fat? Hell, come be fat all over me, Thomas.


Word! They called him Kal-Hell! Those bitches, I knew I didn't like them.

If that show has any sway at all, there could only be one advantage for us: They have Tom taking off his shirt more often to prove them wrong. :D

Re: the bright side

That's true! Wow, you made me feel better!

Those people either are either stupid or blind or both. Tom is looking better than ever! He was NEVER fat and certainly he isn't now. He looks awesome! It's clear they have not seen the show, or any pics, or Tom in person. They are just being mean because they can't find anything to criticize about Tom.

Probably they wanted an interview with Tom and he refused and this is their revenge. I'm sure jealousy is involved too because they couldn't EVER be as gorgeous and beautiful as Tom is!

To be honest, he was not looking his best in the video they have of him. But he wasn't exactly The Elephant Man, either! Damn those tabloids!

Even when he's not looking his best he is infinitely hotter than those people will ever be!

Yes! Exactly. Oh Carol, why can't those haters see what we see?

This is unacceptable. I personally don't think Tommy has ever looked hotter.

To be completely honest, he didn't look that great in the video TMZ had of him. But he didn't look that awful, either, he just looked like a casual guy at home. Those people are idiots, though, if his natural gorgeousness doesn't shine through to them.

They are on crack!
He's hot and we saw him shirtless in Bizarro to prove our point!
He's damn good lookin'. So I disagree with their nonsense.

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