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Still No Luck
There's still no sign of Frankie anywhere. We've looked all over the block, and around the back, and nothing. I'm trying to be hopeful, but it's hard, and I know Dad is just as upset as I am.

I want to thank everyone who has been so kind and supportive. You guys have been such a rock for me in the past, and you're doing it again for me now. I don't know what I'd do without my LJ friends.

One little bright spot was a birthday card from roxymissrose. Thank you, Roxy, darling. It really did make my day.

Also, tonight is Smallville and Supernatural, which usually does make me happy. Some Canadian friends have said Smallville was very good (they get it a day earlier than us Americans), so perhaps for an hour or two I can relax and smile a little before I go back to being all depressed.

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Darn...I was hoping for you...

Don't give up. Cats can be really good at secreting themselves.

I hope and pray that he comes back soon.

I'm trying not to give up hope, but it's getting harder and harder. I'm so upset, and so is Dad, and I'm just praying we find him soon.

Oh! I'm so sorry! :( {hugs}

Thanks, sweetie. I'm trying so hard to be hopeful, but I'm rapidly losing it, I have to admit.

Oh, I'm so sorry he's not safe at home with you! Did you try to do the urine thing I suggested yesterday? Sorry, but I just have to ask. Did your dad dismiss the idea for being crazy-sounding (which it is) or did you guys try it?

The person who suggested it to me is a friend who had once lost her cat for 3 days, asked for suggestions on finding her cat on a list she belongs to that has a lot of animal professionals on it (vets, trainers, groomers) and was given the idea by a vet on the list who said it was an idea he'd read in a vet magazine. He had apparently helped locate a number of escaped and/or lost pets that way. So, she sprayed the urine around her house using a recycled water bottle, and her cat came crawling out of the underbrush less than a half hour after that, pulled in by the strong odor of "home." So, as nutty as it sounds, I do hope you give this absolutely crazy idea a try!

Fingers crossed you find your Frankie soon!

I told my father about the pee idea, and he's about ready to try it, though I imagine the landlord and the neighbors won't be too pleased about it. We also just bought a memory card for my phone, so I can download and print out some of the pics I took of Frank. The vet recommended we make flyers, so we'll try that, too. Please God, something will work.

did you just have a bday ? well happy birthday to you *hugs* sorry there is still no word on frankie. i hoped spn and smallville cheered you up a bit

I turned 35 on September 29th. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was actually a really great birthday this year. I thought it would be harder, turning 35, plus it was my first birthday since my mother passed, which was a little difficult, getting a card and gift with only my father's name on it.

Still no sign of Frank. All of my LJ friends are encouraging us to be hopeful, but the vet was much less positive when my father spoke to him. So I'm really even more unhappy, plus it's that time of the month, so I also have cramps and a headache, and I feel like crying even more. Not a good day today, and no Luke/Noah to cheer me up, either, it seems.

It is starting to look that way. I am sorry that this is turning into such a crappy day *frowns* i still will have hope about frank though. I mean sometimes no news is good news. surely he will find his way back.

as for the luke and noah situation i don't know whats going on there but yeah i somehow doubt they will give us just a does today. they are focusing on carly and jack who are going to sleep together of course

My father just got back from printing up pics of Frank, so we can make flyers. And now he's traipsing through the hugely overgrown backyard again, hoping to spot him. Our landlord never takes care of the yards, and we have weeds out there that reach my second story bedroom window.

I'm really trying to be hopeful, but I think I'm fighting a losing battle here.

:( i know. it sucks

He's home! Dad found him about five minutes ago, hiding in the neighbor's yard!

*cheers* hooray i am so happy for you. see I knew everything would be alright :) *celebrates*

*Hugs back* It was an adorable card, Roxy. And thank God my baby is home!

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