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One Dead Mouse!

Frankie, my previously useless mouser, caught one of the mice tormenting me.  (There might be two, we think the one I saw a few days ago is different from the one that was causing so much havoc last night.)  He caught it in his mouth, dropping it and recatching it a couple of time.  He dropped it in the computer room (where I was sitting, thank you so much for that, Frank) and my shrieks sent Dad running, and he smashed it with a book.  

So, one dead mouse, thank goodness.  We bought some traps today at Target, the kind that look like a box and you add peanut butter to, and we'll lay them down this evening, just in case.

Frankie is my hero.  And he did it all while sick- he's had a sad tummy since yesterday.

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*cheers* Thank goodness the mouse is gone!

Thank Goodness indeed, but there might be another one. This one was sort of grey and furry, but the first one I saw was more triangular shaped, and very dark. Please God, let it just go away.

yay glad you got one of the mice hon. *hugs* how have you been haven't talked to you since last week.

Well, someone posted chapter 3 of their ATWT WIP, and I just read it and loved it, so that made it a nice day. As did the dead mouse.

Unfortunately, the stupid mouse problem has pretty much defined the past several days. I've been a nervous wreck, completely tense. I'm hoping I'll be able to relax a little now.

How are you?

well jess and i posted chapter 3 of the fic yay so it has been a good day. i am just glad its over. i was so looki9ng forward to the weekend. my heas hurts! anyway hey *waves* i just got in the house

Just finished dinner, myself. Dad and I fried up some flounder, with green beans and sweet potatoes. Very yummy. He's taking me out for dinner tomorrow- I'm thinking something in the francese family, perhaps.

I'm just hoping I'll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Whoo! Go Frankie! Glad your mouse problem seems to be under control. :)

I keep hearing things in the walls. Have for a long time, though. Still, at least one mouse is now in mousie heaven (or the garbage can outside), and I put down traps in case any others show up. My brave little Frankie, what would I do without him?

Indeed! I probably mentioned this before, but Frankie looks a lot like the orange cat in your icon.

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