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Tonight's Shows
FOS Clark by duskwillow
I was kind of dreading tonight's Smallville, but I was pleasantly surprised at the end.  Talk about some cliffhangers!

Judging how buddy-buddy Lex and Grant were being, I started to wonder if he was Lucas Luthor with plastic surgery.  Julian?  Definite surprise there.  I admit, I'm curious to see how that plays out.

I'm kind of sick of "Clark losing his powers" storylines, which was way I was dreading tonight's episode.  I know Clark smashed the crystal in the end, but does that mean the ring is gone?  By the way he was tossing the bales of hay, does that mean his powers are back?   

The fortress sort of turned itself off, right?  And poor Kara is stuck in Detroit with no memory.  Does she still have her powers?  Interesting topics to showcase in the last few episodes we'll get before the producers run out of material.

I liked Clark's interaction with Lara.  She was really sweet, I thought, and an interesting character.  I'd love to see some flashbacks set on Krypton, with a younger Lara and Jor-el.  But I thought Kara was a little bit of an idiot- any braindead moron could have seen  that Zor-el was full of crap!

Almost forgot- Clark and Lana still disgust me.  I know Clark made a couple of comments at the end about mistakes and forgivness, but come on already!  She's a nut!

I was kind of ambivalent about tonight's Supernatural.  I don't find Gordon an especially interesting character.  Sometimes a psychotic character can be fascinating, even fun to watch.  Not him.  I'm glad he's gone.

It was fun watching Mercedes McNab playing a bewildered vampire.  Not as fun, of course, watching her play one on Angel and Buffy, but still, I love the symmetry of the whole thing.  The sad vampire dad, boo hoo, who cares.  I know he's supposed to symbolize the tragic loss Sam is facing, yadda yadda yadda.  Whatever.  

What stood out, as always, is the relationship between Sam and Dean.  I could watch the two of them just standing against a blank wall for 60 minutes, and not just because they're so damn hot.  They have such chemistry, such a connection, I just ache for them both.

Still don't like Bela.

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*skipping right over Supernatural, which I still need to watch*

I'm so happy that Julian's back, Andi! Sure, it's gonna end bad (especially for Lex) but for now... YAY!

But I'm still wondering where the hell Lucas is! Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. He hasn't been mentioned once in five freakin' years!

This is true! I didn't like that actor, but they should totally unite the three Luthor kids to kill off Daddy dearest!


I don't like bella either! and gordon i am glad sam killed him though the way he died i swear gave me nightmares *shudders*

I too love the chemistry between Jared and Jensen. I remember thinking wow I didn't get to see Jake and Van chemistry but Jared and Jensen will do. The scenes between the brothers especially at the end were so good and so poignant. That is enough reason for me to watch every week. Just to see those two play off each other. it was of course bittersweet to see Dean teaching Sam how to fix the car. How long do we have to wait for the next ep? I know its not on next week.

I think the best part of the show for me, since the very first ep, has always been the chemistry between Jensen and Jared. They have such a powerful connection that I easily buy them as brothers (or something else, for that matter, but I'll stick with brothers).
Also, I don't think there's a new ep until sometime in December.

Van and Jake gave a co-interview with After, the link was up at the nukelover LJ, but I really don't feel the connection between them that I do with Jensen and Jared. They haven't known each other as long; perhaps some rapport will build over time.

I read in today's newspaper that the soaps won't be stopping production for the strike. The produces, and retired writers, and even some picket line crossers, will still be writing the episodes, so it will be business as usual with the soaps. Thank God for small miracles, huh!

Yeah van and Jake only met earlier this year so they don't have that same rapport though I have seen interviews when they did seem like they were on the same page.

the one with after elton though apparently they didn't do it together. they were each given the questions separately and then the writer just r put them together so that could be why it seems disjointed too. I am glad that the show won't be overtly affected by the strike. maybe there is hope

and jensen and jared have had chemistry since day one and they are truly the reason i watch to this day. i just r love them. loved them bothy separately(I mean jensen was eric on days and that is when i fell for him) and (jared was dean on gg) so yeah but together there is just something about them

I was still watching Days when Jensen started. I remember his first appearance, all floppy hair and red jacket. He's come such a long way! Personally, I think he looks much better now, rather than in his twink days.

Judging how buddy-buddy Lex and Grant were being, I started to wonder if he was Lucas Luthor with plastic surgery. Julian?
I wish they went with Lucas, it would make so much more sense.

And yes, I definitely think Clark has his powers back.

I kind of miss Lucas. You think they'd at least mention him once in the last five years!

"Fresh Blood", that's the name of the episode *g*

Unlike you I really loved the episode from top to bottom :-)

Mind you, we do agree on the love that is Sam and Dean; their connection, it's killing me. They're so beautiful together; and I'm not even talking about their physical looks.

I recently read a review in a British sci fi magazine, of the second half of the second season of SPN. They remarked how good the show was, especially the chemistry between the boys, because there hadn't been any before that point. Are they nuts? No chemistry until then? The boys clicked from season 1, episode 1, and we all know it!

No chemistry until the second half of s2? Dude! That is actually extremely laughable... and also a bit worrisome for the person who wrote the article because if they didn't see the chemistry before the-middle-of-s2 it probably means they have a problem of perception or something!

I was just amazed when I read that. How blind can one person be? *Shudders*

whoa are you serious? how crazy is that? Jared and Jensen have had chemistry since day one that is totally for sure :) That writer doesn't know what he is talking about

I've never seen two people with so much chemistry, right from the start. Those Brits are nuts!

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