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Holiday Shocker
I took a good look at December on my calendar today, and got a little shock.  Chanukah is early this year.  Really, really early!  December 4th, in fact.  Wow.  I'm used to Chanukah more or less syncing up with Christmas, maybe not exactly, but close.  I think it's been a while since they've been so far apart.

Good thing I already bought my Chanukah cards.  I know of two people (HYperfocused and Emrinalexander) who are Chanukahs.  Anyone else?  Now's the time to tell me, I really want to get you your card on time if you are.  Also, if you'd like any kind of card from me, and haven't yet give me your address (or moved since last year), you can comment below (I'll screen, then delete said addresses.)  Or you can e-mail me at  The more the merrier!

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(Deleted comment)
I already have the new address, sweetie, so no worries. I'm going to delete your comment, so there's no chance anyone else will see it. But you are a Christmas, right?

oh, yay! i forget who i've given it to. :P and yes, i am christmas. :)

When I saw that date I had to go doublecheck online because I couldn't believe it falls this early!

I know! Good thing I already bought my Chanukah cards, and I have presents all selected from Amazon, I just have to click buy. We're usually so much closer to Christmas.

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