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Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?
 I really did this year.  Dad and I went over to my aunt and uncle's house.  My aunt made so many dishes, there wasn't any room on the plate for the actual turkey!  It was sooo good, and I ate way too much.  The only down side was that my sister has developed a bad cold, or a mild flu, and couldn't join us.

My aunt and uncle, my cousin, and my aunt's sister and her husband are all going to Mexico for a week in April.  They'll be going to the Mayan Riviera, and they'd like me and Dad to go with them.  It'll cost about $2600 for the two of us, if we decide to do it.  Dad and I are both ambivalent.  Neither of us are pool-layers and beach-goers, but there will be a trip to some eco park, and to the Mayan pyramids, which is tempting.  We have to decide quickly- the week they're going is Spring Break week, and the planes are filling up fast.  There shouldn't be a lot of students where they're going, they usually head for Cancun.  We will have to fly into Cancun, though, from Mexico City, and then drive for an hour to the resort.  It's an all inclusive resort, everything is included, all the meals and drinks and entertainment.  It's certainly a good deal, if we decide to go.

Did anyone do some shopping today?  Dad and I went to Target, not to holiday shop, but just our usual Friday trip to pick up the basics, which today included Bandaids and deoderant.  What a zoo!  I ran into my mom's best friend, and her daughter, who's in from North Carolina with her family for the holiday weekend.  It was a nice reunion.  We'll be seeing them again, at Mom's unveiling.  The invitations came today from the cemetery, we'll mail them out on Monday. 

I almost forgot, the first issue of Supernatural magazine came today.  Lots of Jensen and Jared goodness there.

Happy Post Thanksgiving everybody!

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Happy to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving :-)

The first issue of the SPN magazine came out? I'll have to check in some specialised shops in Paris, then, see if I can find it there *fingers crossed*

Thank you, sweetie. It was really nice.

I read that the first issue of the SPN magazine was being released on November 27. I know that's a US, and possibly a Canadian, date. I just went to the Titan magazines website and ordered a subscription. Much easier that way, I think.

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